>Does Jordan have a national flower?

Okay, if you’re expecting a horticultural discussion, you haven’t read my blog before. I have a nomination to make for Jordan’s national flower… Dum, dum, dum… Impatiens. If you know what they look like, you’re ahead of me (dropped a picture above), but their name sounds enough like Jordan’s national pastime (impatience), that it seems an appropriate flower. As you can see, they’re rather lovely.

Okay, so why am I calling impatience Jordan’s national pastime, you may be wondering. Well, okay most of my blogs seem to come back to driving one way or another, so I might as well get there early so I can move on, teehee. Today as I was coming home from my Arabic class, I had a guy who couldn’t even wait on me to back out of the parking space and pull into the road. So, he leaned on the horn and zoomed around me (nearly colliding head-on with a truck coming in the opposite direction). It got me to thinking about how when I drop the kids off down at their school, I see drivers constantly leaning on the horn, inching past people and barely making it, edging up to force them to continue rather than simply waiting on them to parallel park. Now, I’m not particularly good at parallel parking (okay I’m really, really bad at it) so I tend to avoid it whenever possible. And, when not, I try to park when no one’s trying to get past me. Let’s just call it a sense of uncommon courtesy. But this impatience thing goes beyond driving.

Let’s consider together, shall we, lines at banks, government offices, anywhere people gather really. Wait, first we’ll have to find a line. I’ve yet to see one since moving here. I’ve seen mobs, crowds, mosh pits – but no lines. Again, the impatience of people to get ahead, be first, push their way forward cause delays for everyone. So, on the road and off people seem to lack fundamental patience to allow others to complete what they need to. Somehow the fact that the mobbing forward takes EVERYONE longer doesn’t seem to get through. It makes me feel sorry for the government workers, bank employees, etc. – well almost anyway. Having to deal with the mobs of people must get tiring day in and day out.

So, that’s my argument for my nomination as national flower. Anyone else care to counter my suggestion?

Happy gardening :)!


6 thoughts on “>Does Jordan have a national flower?

  1. >Okay, maybe I should have read your about BEFORE posting the above comment, haha. I can go with growth, renewal, and change as traits of Jordan. Also, I’d add a tenacious clinging to life in tough times to the list…

  2. >Indeed, after checking out your blog, I realized that… I still think my suggestion is more apt, but the black iris does represent the very best of what Jordan has to offer. Thanks!

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