>What is Love?

>So, there is a jewelry store here in Amman that claims to be the #1 sponsor of love in Jordan. I find myself asking, what do they mean? At an altheltic event, a sponsor pays money (usually giving the team freebies). So are they going to give me free jewelry? I highly doubt it. And, do they really mean to imply that diamonds equal love? Forgive me for thinking that their ads are presumptuous. Personally, I really hope that my love goes deeper than diamonds. I hope it means that I will be sticking with El 3atal during hard times, loving him when we grow old, and being together to watch our kids grow. But, maybe I don’t understand love… It could be that they’re right, but at what cost? I ask you, what is love?

Happy Loving!


6 thoughts on “>What is Love?

  1. >love is the truth when we have it, a lie when we don’t.love is something when we own it, everything when we loose it.love is a reality when we live it, a dream when we look for it.love is a laugh when we get it, a tear when we don’t.love is a strength when we in, a weakness when we are out,

  2. >love is a word coined up by the smartest marketers if it was truly love then you won’t need to ascribe it to a word, you just express it without using that bloody word (love is 4ever, diamonds r 4eva, but emotions evolve)

  3. >Love is patientLove is kindIt does not envyit does not boastIt is not proud, It is not rudeit is not self-seekingit is not easily angeredIt keeps no record of wrongsLove does not delight in evilbut rejoices in the truthIt always protects, always trustsalways hopesalways perseveresLove never fails.Not bad writing for a single guy 2,000 years ago. Speak, St. Paul!I quite like that jewelry store, but diamonds at best only represent what is eternal and immaterial

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