>Just like home? and another addiction confession


El 3atal and I were driving in Shemisani today when I saw this place. Made me feel just like I was back home in the US, well except the misspellings. And the Greek columns. And the parking lot. Okay, so there’s nothing about it that seems American except the name. I couldn’t help but share this one. And it brings me to another thought. I think I’ve become addicted to my camera phone. This is a brave new world for me. Let me explain…

When we moved from the US, I gave up my cell phone kicking and screaming. Now, many of you are thinking, what amazing bells and whistles did she have that she wanted to keep her cell phone. Well… none. My phone was a vintage 1998 Qualcomm cell phone. It didn’t have a vibrate feature. It didn’t have a camera phone. I mean, really it had nothing. So why was I so attached to this phone? Let me tell you. My circa 1998 Qualcomm phone went through everything. My kids played with it, they pulled out the antenna and chewed on it. They suspended the phone from the antenna. They dropped it. Basically, they could have been a commercial for quality tests on the phone. And, they never managed to harm it in any way. It got great reception, few dead zones, rare dropped calls, and very little static. But, I knew it wouldn’t work here, so I gave it up. Since I don’t really care so much about cell phone, I borrowed (rather permanently it seemed) my in-laws’ pay as you go phone. It was a bulky Nokia phone and worked fine. But, I did drop it and it didn’t work quite as well afterwards. So, finally I decided that I would spring a bit and get myself a new phone.

I looked around and found the phone I wanted (which they don’t have available in Jordan). It was beautiful, a hot pink Motorola Sliver. How amazing this phone is. But, I couldn’t work it out to get one from the US and didn’t find one here. I like the slim profile of the phone, so I went with my mother-in-law and got a “special offer” (whatever that actually means) and got myself a spanking new Sliver. I love this phone. And, it has a camera in it. Not having had one before, I figured I wouldn’t really make much use of it. Was I wrong! Now, I’m pulling out my phone and using the camera constantly. It’s easily accessible, always with me, and takes decent pictures. So, like the above shot, as we’re driving down the street I stop and snap a photo. What a wild world it is. And, I think I’m addicted. I went to see Ragheb 3alama for New Year’s and was taking pictures with my phone… How sad is that? So, here’s another addiction I have, snapping photos with my camera phone.



5 thoughts on “>Just like home? and another addiction confession

  1. >I think that phone you are talking about, the hot pink Motorola Sliver are available in Jordan…i have seen them with people in Jordan, Lebanon and even Cairo…glad you are using the camera to take your photos with it, hope you get to post some of your pictures on your blog..i love blogs with pictures!!

  2. >Actually, what the FastLink employee said is that they receive like 10 of them and they sold out instantly. I also gather that people order them and buy them outside and bring them back (like I was planning to do). Oh, and while I use my camera phone to take snaps of myself and the kids, this blog is perhaps a bit too public for me to post them :).

  3. >This place you refer to was called New York New York at one point, and it was a nice hang out place in the old days when my generation was growing up.Shmesani was our Abdoun ,and this place was a landmark.A few years later I was surprised to see the night club sign and it goes without saying that the looks give away its content, it seems like a trashy pick up place..what a shame, but then again I have seen this transformation happen in more than one place in Amman recently, I guess that would be due to popular demand..eh!

  4. >The point here isn’t the phone..I think..its the photo..New Yourk Night club..here are a couple none visual observations about signs around..Maik’s hairdresser..supposed to be Mike’s..Al Shalal Nescafe..as in coffee shop, I saw a couple more..forgot them now..enjoy the new found talent of photography

  5. >Salam, it’s nice to know the place actually has a history beyond its fairly seedy exterior today. But, since I’ve not been in, I wouldn’t begin to say anything about what could easiloy be a nice plce with unfortuante spelling and no curb appeal :).Averroes, nice ones. And, why not Nescafe? I suppose we could call it truth in advertising if all they offer is instant coffee, teehee. I definitely enjoy the snapshots via cell phone and will keep on keeping on…

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