>Reb Eye Anyone?


I couldn’t help snapping a shot of this Specials Board at a popular local eatery. I find it especially funny since El 3atal’s father always starts with Eye Rib and then remembers it’s Rib Eye. So, when they turned it into Reb Eye, I had to grab a shot of it. And, while I’m on the topic of steaks in restaurants, why is it that Jordanian dining establishments think that putting some beef in a pan of butter and frying it is “grilling a steak”? Then, to cover (literally) the evidence they smother it with a sauce. In fact, the idea of grilling seems to be a bit outside of the norm here altogether. As a commitment to his health, El 3atal has undertaken a diet guided by a dietitian. In giving us his menu, she says we should “grill” chicken for him. When I ask what she means by grill, she describes pan frying. Too funny. In the US, grill means using a grill. Really, you know cooking over coals (or gas) rather than frying in a pan. So, steak as a whole concept is not so well-understood here. A few places do them very, very well (and you pay for the privilege), but most are mediocre at best. Such a sad thing for a beef-eater like me. Mmmmm, just saying that got me thinking about Jason’s Deli’s Beef Eater sandwich. Now, I’ve got an unfulfillable craving :(.
Happy grilling!

3 thoughts on “>Reb Eye Anyone?

  1. >And…then he does the grilling, too! good on you two! Now I should probably go exercise, since 3atel’s post awhile back I realized I gave up exercise for blogging. Whoops

  2. >Kinz, Boy do I know what you mean. I wasn’t exercising before blogging, but I sure need to!th14, in the US we use grilling and BBQing nearly interchangeably. Although, BBQing often involved a BBQ sauce (mmm, yummy, I think I should stop talking about this subject now). I can even go with grilling to mean cooking under the heat source (like broiling?), it’s just the pan frying called grilling by dietitians that I don’t get..

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