>Mommy, Mommy, It’s a King!

>Today we were walking with the Beans when we came upon a huge picture of King Abdullah. JuniorBean pulled my hand and said, Mommy, Mommy… it’s a king! I was actually quite impressed because most of the kings that appear in books have big crowns and velvet capes. I guess it talks about how regal the monarch is. So, King Abdullah (since I’m sure he reads my blog, no delusions of grandeur here), nice choice of the white military uniform with the beautiful gold braiding. My almost 3 year old saw your picture and immediately identified you as a king. Of course I corrected him to help him understand it’s not just A king, but rather THE king. I don’t think that message quite got through, though. At any rate, from the mouths of babes…

Happy royalty spotting!


4 thoughts on “>Mommy, Mommy, It’s a King!

  1. >Kids are so honest and cute, you cannot help but wish to record everything they say!! enjoy your little bean!oh, THE King is visiting your blog??? how lucky you are 🙂

  2. >You never know… I got a visit one time from an ISP named “The Royal Court of Oman” or something like that. Probably wasn’t the Sultan himself… but it might have been! 😉

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