>How Wrong Is This? Just give up that diet already!

>Now, I have a great deal of fun trying to guess where I will find things stocked on store shelves here. I mean, who would expect to find Picante sauce shelved directly in the middle of the spaghetti sauce? Or the macaroni and cheese mixed in with the plain pasta? But the shelving anachronism I found the other day was the most bizarre and unfortunate I’ve seen yet. I’m dropping in a picture.

That’s right, to find America’s #1 Diet Bar, the SlimFast bar, you have to go to the candy aisle. Talk about self-defeating product placement. Keep your diet up by wandering our candy aisle. Tease yourself with things you can’t have. Come see the wonder of someone trying to lose weight. All of these are potential statements being made by the store. None of them is what I would hope for if I were a SlimFast purchaser…
Happy Dieting!

3 thoughts on “>How Wrong Is This? Just give up that diet already!

  1. >Nas, you got me! I was looking for cookies and candies for the kids’ cake. Typically I never go down this aisle. Kinzi, I’m sure you’re right. The thing that worries me is that someones is eating this like any other candy bar when it’s designed to BE a meal. Oh well…

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