>Stinky Babies?

>Let me start by saying that, outside of diaper change time, I have never personally seen a stinky baby. In fact, babies are most often associated with sweet smells and wonderful feelings. As a result, when I saw this in the store, I was a bit puzzled.

But, let’s say for a minute that you have a chronically stinky baby that needs cologne… is lemon scent going to improve the situation? When I think fresh lemon scent, I think Pine-Sol, not babies. Stretching, I might come up with lemonade, but never would I think of a baby-fresh lemon scent. So, color me confused… as often. I’m going to guess that the 25% off stickers mean that others agree with me on this.
Happy Freshening!

8 thoughts on “>Stinky Babies?

  1. >Kinz,I’m certain that much of what we see in stores is the leftover from another market. Why anyone thinks it will sell here, I’m not sure… maybe it does.Jennifer, nice to know I’m not alone…

  2. >There may not be stinky babies but their are certainly ugly babies. Maybe by making babies smell like “Obsession” it helps ease the pain of having an yoda-like child.

  3. >I don’t know if you had a Big Lots store where you were in the US, but they get all the stuff that doesn’t sell elsewhere and sell it cheap. It’s kinda fun to poke around there and see what crazy things are there. I saw a pillow that looked like the front and rear of a woman’s jeans (“mom jeans”) on either side and a scary looking tiger-baby (I think it was supposed to be a baby in a tiger costume, but it creeped me out a little) last time I went. It is entertaining to say the least.

  4. >Jennifer, I have to admit that I’ve always called it Big Lots of junk! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve bought things there, but it does indeed seem like it’s the reject store of the country… I think we even have some furniture that El 3atal’s brother bought there.

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