>First Blooms of Spring?


Coming home yesterday, I noticed the most lovely purple blooms in our rosemary bushes and had to grab a picture. Now, it may simply be wishful thinking. While ButterBean is hoping for enough snow to build a snowman, I’m hoping for enough heat to swim… Just different perspectives. It doesn’t help me with my longing for spring that we keep getting one really mild spring-like day out of every 7 or so. But then, the cold comes back and with the swing in weather comes a headache and sratchy throat. At least I know what to expect ;). I will simply take the blooms as a sign that spring is just around the corner and keep my hopes high.
Happy blooming (or blooming happy, you choose)!

4 thoughts on “>First Blooms of Spring?

  1. >I planted some seeds Monday and put them in a little planter in a sunny window. Since then I’ve been hoping for sunshine to warm up those seeds and get them to sprout… though there’s just enough kid left in me, that I wouldn’t mind some snow this year too…

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