>Emergency Brake? Creative Contraptions

>El 3atal and I were out driving today when we saw the below sight. As you’ll see, the small white car isn’t depending on any old car manufacturer and the brake they might have installed on the car, they’ve created their own. To set the stage for you, this is at the top of a very tall, very steep hill.

That’s what I’d call a creative contraption. They say necessity is the mother of invention (or was that intervention, either of which are appropriate here).

Happy Braking!


4 thoughts on “>Emergency Brake? Creative Contraptions

  1. >Momma,If he was creative as you claimed he wouldn’t have bought this car:)About the stone, it is deep in the culture, so no creativity involved:)The stone held the car, but we also have stones in our heads that hold us back, sad but true and funny at the same time..Good luck!

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