>Rare picture of the elusive Kinzi

>For those of you who have yet to meet Kinzi, you know that pictures of her are (to put it in Southern-ese) as rare as hens teeth. So, to help you along in recognizing her, ButterBean drew a fine portrait. Given the striking likeness, I wanted to share it with all bloggers out there.

So, now should you pass Kinzi on the street, you can say Hi to her as well as MommaBean. You’ll notice that, although I am some 30 years older than ButterBean, her style is a bit more complex than mine. Sad isn’t it… As you’ll see, drawing skill doesn’t run in my family. Maybe they got some from El 3atal.

Happy Kinzi-searching!


4 thoughts on “>Rare picture of the elusive Kinzi

  1. >MommaBean, that Butterbean is simply genious! And VERY gracious, I see no wrinkles. Very interesting method of ambulation…the wheel must symbolize the constant pace of chasing children! Give her a big hug from me!With such a close likeness, I will have to start another blog under another name to maintain anonymity. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. >Glad you all liked it. Butterbean shows more depth, range, and talent at 5 than I do at well beyond that age. I’m glad she seems to have inherited El 3atal’s talent, not my lack thereof.

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