>MommaBean’s back (I hope) with startling pictures

>So, after a nearly month-long hiatus in which I’ve been very busy starting a new business, I’m back. While I haven’t been actively posting, I have been collecting posts. El 3atal jokingly asked me why I was taking pictures when I never post anymore. So, pffflllttttt, Sayyed El 3atal (that’s a virtual raspberry for those of you who don’t know). I have some startling pictures to share with you all. Now, they aren’t surprising because of their content, but rather their location. While making a customer call some weeks ago, El 3atal and I came upon green fields. Really, like blowing in the breeze green fields. I couldn’t help but take a picture of these meadows that seem more suited to sunny sub-tropical lands than to semi-arid Jordan. So, here are some shots.

As you see, just past the trees you can see the lovely grass waving in the gentle spring wind.

Tell me that isn’t unexpected in the middle of the high desert… And people picnic on the side of airport road instead of heading out to the middle of the meadows.

Happy picnics!


6 thoughts on “>MommaBean’s back (I hope) with startling pictures

  1. >Haha! Glad to see you Salam. No loss of camera phone, just a loss of time. But, I’m trying to get back into the swing. For the last 3-4 weeks, we’ve been working 6 days a week (I say from the office on Day 6 of the week). Oh, and I’m working in the afternoons too, so the times I spent blogging have gone to building the new company. But, I think things are settling a bit and besides, I want to blog…

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