>So much for Available in US only…

>So, back to the conversation about Pringles minis and my amusement at their wasting advertising dollars on the New Pringle’s Mini’s (Available in the US only), as shown in the photo below…

Well, I was at the store perhaps the day after I posted and what do you think I saw? Yep, you got it. Pringle’s minis. I attempted to get a shot, but it turned out poorly, so I let the conversation be overtaken by other things. But, today, I’m back to it for the simple reason that I bought some so that I could snap a picture… (oh and I like Pringle’s so why not?)

And, I must admit that somehow I thought that they meant the packaging was mini (maybe little tiny canisters), but they didn’t. I even snapped a shot of the chip itself because it was just so darn cute…

As you’ll see, I placed a large-sized paper clip for size reference. These things are truly tiny. And, unlike many of the minis (like Snickers), this one tastes just like the original. So, I thought I’d share with you all how correct Qwaider was in his comment on my first post. Go Q!

Happy Mini!

4 thoughts on “>So much for Available in US only…

  1. >This moment is brought to you by Coca Cola … :)I would like to dedicate this honor to all the wonderful people of the world .. world peace .. and the fight against autism in polar bears

  2. >Now this is funny cause I’ve been seeing the ads on TV and wanted to go check them out but it seems you’ve been faster on the other side of the world!Might be because I tend to avoid the chips section in the supermarket :)Why is it that everybody loves minis?

  3. >I don’t know what the general allure of minis is, really. Myself, I’ve always been short, so the minis appear to the short girl in me :). Only I usually don’t like the taste.And, over here, the chips are brought right out center stage (there were in the fruits and veges section) :).

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