>A Very Good Day and Further Evidence of God’s Mercy

>So, today was a MUCH better day than yesterday. All the headache and heartache were worthwhile. In his infinite wisdom (which was, no doubt, spurred by the foreknowledge of me on a 15 hour flight with three small kids and how ugly that could get), God melted the hearts of the fine, wonderful, fabulous people at the American Embassy (how quickly we change our tune) and granted us the visa. So, I’m not going to be stuck struggling with all of the beans at once. I will actually have the joy of it not being just me. I can’t even tell you how much better that makes me feel. So, today I’m counting my blessings.

1. VISA!
2. Beautiful sun
3. Light breezes
4. Birds singing
5. Nice and helpful people
6. God’s mercy
7. Forgiveness (espcially for being whiny and complainy yesterday).

I hope each of you gets a nice surprise this week as well.

Happy Blessings!


8 thoughts on “>A Very Good Day and Further Evidence of God’s Mercy

  1. >WOW!! GOD IS GOOD AAAAALLLLLLLLLLL the time! This is a serious miracle, better right it down…God parted the bureaucratic waters of the US Embassy to bless a MommaBean. How does that verse go? “He gently leads those who are with young” Your attitude picks me up better than chocolate. I knew there was a reason to wander back to the computer. BUT, this means Lil Kinz and I better get over there and say hello and goodbye soon!

  2. >Summer, thanks. Kinzi, I was wondering if we were EVER going to see you again :). Seriously, let’s cook out this weekend! Sam, only for a visit, I assure you. We’ve been here almost a year and a half and the kids are out for summer vacation, so the timing is just right. Also, my mother’s husband is fighting both bone cancer and kidney damage (that’s right chemo and dialysis at the same time). I think it’ll be a great pick-me-up. And, maybe God will find another miracle in his bag for us and bring healing to him…

  3. >ah for a visit…that is good..u guys have been away for so long!:o) im sorry about your mother’s husband. wow poor guy! i hope inshallah u will see a miracle and he will beat it!

  4. >Thanks Sam. Yes, we’re excited and I’m hopeful that PoppaBean will see a miracle. Regardless, I’m running out of lots of things (like socks), so it MUST be time for a trip home :).

  5. >Wow what wonderful news.I did that stint once: three kids, one of whom was a baby, 15 hours, then layover in Chicago, then another 2 hours. God’s mercy has allowed me to forget most of the nightmare that I’m sure it was.Hurrah for Visas for Helpers.

  6. >o no u r not running out of socks! i have been thinking where there heck am i going to buy the kids socks if there is no walmart and old navy in jordan..I was just thinking how I will be making hubby a list of all the stuff I will need him to bring us from canada on the few visits he plans on making while we are in amman, did you do that to papabean?? hubby will be clueless at the cosmetic counter!

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