>Inappropriate Use of Hazard Lights

>Now, I think I know the right way to use hazard lights. I have been driving for many, many years now. Some of the appropriate uses that I personally favor include:

  1. When cars in front of you come to an abrupt halt, you turn on your hazard lights to warn those behind you of your impending halt.
  2. When you need to pull over and take care of something and you want to alert other motorists, you turn on your hazard lights to let other drivers know.

The less appropriate uses, which I most assuredly do NOT favor include:

  1. When you are double (or triple) parked on a busy thoroughfare, and you use your hazard lights to make it seem as if it’s acceptable
  2. As I saw today, someone who uses their hazard lights every time they go under a bridge. That’s right, the guy today used his hazards to signify that he was passing under a bridge. Is this some sort of superstition of which I am unaware? Anyone?

Happy hazards!


4 thoughts on “>Inappropriate Use of Hazard Lights

  1. >I call them “stop anywhere lights”, since too many Jordanian drivers believe that if they turn the hazard lights, they have the right to stop anywhere.My favorite is when they turn on their “stop anywhere lights” and then back up in the road…into oncoming traffic.

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