>City Planning? I think NOT!

>So I read an article in Jordan Business this month about how the head of GAM has a long term vision and plan for the city. While that may be so, I think he has forgotten the medium term, and even the short term. Let me give you what I consider to be the crowning glory example…

Zahran Street is a seriously significant thoroughfare through town. Recently Jordan decided that (to save them money I suppose) Egyptian guards do not have to have a sponsor, the embassy can act as their sponsor. Well, I have no issue with that on the face of it. But somehow, they forgot to think through what that would mean. The Egyptian embassy sits just off Zahran Street between the fourth and fifth circles. The first day after this new regulation went into affect, as I was driving down Zahran Street, I saw an empty lot (about 1 dunum) full of what looked like Egyptian guards kneeling down in long lines. How odd, I thought to myself. This was before we found out what had changed.

Fast forward to a couple of months later. At every time of day that the embassy is open, traffic is slowed or stopped because the Egyptian workers are crossing the street. When they made this (frankly boneheaded) decision, they forgot to take into account the workers who would need to get across the street and catch the bus. So, traffic is snarled and these guards are taking their lives into their hands dashing across a major thoroughfare while cars are speeding at them. They need a walking bridge (or tunnel or SOMETHING). Sadly, I’ve lost my patience these days. I have no sympathy left for the guards after my third near miss when the car in front of me decided to slam on its brakes to miss a guard. And, when I see them perched on the curb readying themselves to make the dash, I honk and signal to them not to try it, because I’m not stopping.

It’s sad when the city’s lack of planning negatively impacts my patience and humanity. Well, I’ll try and renew my sense of fellowship with all people but I’m not sure it will work…

Happy guard slalom!


4 thoughts on “>City Planning? I think NOT!

  1. >now now MommaBean…what happened to two important driving safety rules: 1) pedestrians have the right of way, and 2) leaving a safe following distance to the car in front of you????Funny how we all turn into speedy Mario once we get behind the wheel of anything that moves.Be safe (and patient).

  2. >Ahh, Ayman. It’s interesting to see our assumptions come out :). Actually I have a pretty large beef with your “Rule #1”. In fact, in the US, we have the same rule. However, if I decide to walk out into traffic with no regard for my personal safety (particularly not at a designated cross walk or light), my “right of way” doesn’t translate into automatic fault for the driver. Imagine, personal responsbility… That concept is sadly lacking here. And, second, apparently you haven’t had to go through the stretch I’m speaking of. Given that, each of the times I was discussing, I was going about 10 kilometers per hour, I’m afraid that when you are driving and the person in front of you decides with no prior warning to slam on their brakes, you will do the same and still risk an accident. In the stretch I’m discussing, there is no such thing as “safe distance” nor is there the possibility of being a speedy Mario. Just craziness and people with death wishes :).

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