>Advertising oddities, take two

>Well, the well-known fruit has been one-upped. Now, FastLink is changing its name (shout out to Moey, thanks for the heads-up on this one). And, their marketing campaign started out even worse (IMHO) than orange. They took their new logo (with no explanation) and posted part of it. Not even so that the new name was readable. maybe it was intended to be like the new Arab Bank campagn that started with the empty circle and the ma9kom. (I didn’t like that one either). But, at least orange was all readable, if confusing. However, in the benefit of being second to try this, HelperBean said to me, Ma’am is this Zain thing FastLink? The good side to waiting, I suppose.

Happy Procrastination!

3 thoughts on “>Advertising oddities, take two

  1. >What really iritates me is that it is clear that all these companies have too much cash on hand and little to do in terms of adding value. Fastlink has a great brand in Jordan and now they have this uphill battle. I would rather they pass on the savings to us rather than charge us for all these calls that in the USA would be for free.Peace

  2. >Husband and I saw the half-shown signs all over town. We swore it was going to be called “ZOIN,” until I got a text message from ZAIN, and I’m thinking, “I don’t know anyone named Zain.” Hmpf.Two dumb names in one year. What’s next?

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