>The 101 Foods I’ve Missed (Slight Exaggeration, Admittedly)

>Since we’ve been in the US, HelperBean has teased me that every food is one that “is one of my very favorites in the whole world and I’ve missed it desperately.” Well, you know it isn’t that far from the truth. So, to make those of you who AREN’T here jealous… Here goes my list.

  1. Broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken (YumYum! Got that one already)
  2. Red Baron’s Four Cheese pizza (Check, and a new favorite of JujuBean)
  3. Arby’s Jamocha Shake (Ahhhhh! Check!)
  4. Beef and Broccoli at my favorite Chinese restaurant in AL (sorry Abu Khalil, but there’s simply no comparison (just finished dinner there and have enough for a second meal as well!))
  5. DintyMoore Beef Stew (Check! Check!)
  6. Outback Steak (not yet, but I’m hoping this week)
  7. Jason’s Deli’s Beefeater sandwich (not yet, but hopefully sometime)
  8. Chicken Quesadillas (Homemade the way my Mexican suitemate taught me, bought the ingredients, but haven’t had the chance yet)
  9. Plain old PB & J made on super-yummy white bread (new favorite of JuniorBean except I now buy the whole grain white bread, what an invention)
  10. Wendy’s Chili (not yet, but it’s on my list)
  11. Chocolate icecream (plain old Breyer’s Chocolate)

Well, that’s the ones I can think of right now. I’ll probably come up with more soon. Hope that got your taste buds singing…

Happy Vicarious Dining!


7 thoughts on “>The 101 Foods I’ve Missed (Slight Exaggeration, Admittedly)

  1. >You’re from BR???? Oh my god maybe I know you that’s my hometown! or maybe I don’t cause I haven’t lived in BR for the past 5 years, but wow what a small world!!!! Last year I lived in NOLA because I went to tulane and before then I was living on the east coast!

  2. >As for Chicken Quesadillas, you can get good tasty ones from a restaurant in shmaisani called El Cantina, If you want, drop me a comment and I’ll send you details in an email ;)for Windy’s. they used to have windy’s and A&W here in Kuwait. both closed and ran out of business because the franchiser was a cheap ass. I think they’re trying to re-open them there and in the middle east. I miss A&W burgers and also Windy’s chili & potato. So far I’m in Kuwait enjoying Johnny Rockets and Chilis. Also, pay fuddruckers a visit, they just opened in Amman, TGI F too!

  3. >Asoom, I have to agree. Well, not any frozen pizza. But, I have to admit the run a tight race with Pizza Hut in Jordan. Something about the super-fatty cheeses they use. Small world indeed. El 3atal’s brother went to Tulane very recently as well. Maybe we DO know each other (or should).Jad, not a huge qatayef fan, honestly. Had it last Ramadan, wasn’t excited. Too many calories, too little bang, teehee (and it didn’t even have any chocolate!).Moey, I haven’t been here or there on quesadillas eating out… Never got into them. I much prefer to make them myself in the nmicrowave. But, I may try them if you recommedn the place. Seems we have silimar taste buds from the posts I’ve seen from you.Kinz, thought you might find an item or so on the list to make your tummy growl. I have to admit HelperBean likes the US more than jordan (no huge surprise there). She seems to feel more personal safety and less restrictiveness (you should have seen her surprise when I told her it was absolutely fine for her to wear the cute little strappy top and shorts sets MimiBean got for her when we went to the park!).Sam, I’ll bring a little of everything back for you (okay maybe not, but…).

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