>A Timely Reminder: You Can’t Go Home Again…

>So, during this very nice visit to the US, we went back to our former city to visit and see friends. In the process, we took a tour of our old house (up for sale again). It gave me a nice sense of closure to go and visit it again. As we drove through the neighborhood the night we arrived, I teared up remembering how happy we’d been in the house. It’s funny that a place can do that to you. In the light of day, we’ve been as happy (or happier) in Amman, but there’s always something alluring about the happy past, isn’t there? So, the next day we called our realtor (who sold the house for us) and asked her to arrange a tour. It turns out that the people after us lived terribly hard. In the process, they had to re-floor the entire house and repaint. The brilliant painters simply stuck colors over the fabulous murals that had been on the kids’ rooms. So, somehow, the house had lost all of its personality. I would never have bought the house we went into… But, it was a nice break and gave us the sense of closure that, even though we had spent over 4 years there, it wasn’t home anymore.

As a side note, I was drooling over our HUGE backyard. I could see the look in the kids’ eyes and JoojooBean even commented that it needed a playground. Actually, it’s probably bigger than many parks in Amman :). It’s something I miss greatly. Now, as we finish out our visit, I turn my thoughts back to Amman and can’t wait to get home. Even as I sit here, I’m giving thanks for the comfort and happiness we have there. God has blessed us greatly and even given us the insight to see it more clearly.

Happy Closure!


2 thoughts on “>A Timely Reminder: You Can’t Go Home Again…

  1. >aw closure is good…few months ago i went to the house where i grew up in ontario..it is only a 10min walk from my parent’s current house…but i have not been anywhere near our old house for a long time..brought back so many memories..the backyard, the nearbye play ground..the place where my ex bf stupidly proposed at 16 *lol*…when will u be back??

  2. >Hi MB!!!I just read El 3’s post, nice to see you have one too. We have missed you and look forward to your return!!I got to have a virtual tour of the house I grew up in last year, it was so fun to show the kids.

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