>Behold the Art of the Beans. Such talent!


So, this last week, the Beans and I have been busily doing little art projects for fun and to give ButterBean some more practice drawing, writing, and cutting with scissors (which her teachers say she needs, but I’ll say more about that another day). So, I figured I’d share with you the fruits of our labor…
These were inspired when JujuBean spied a lovely pink rose (the last of the season) still hanging onto one of our rose bushes. She asked for it, and as I was clipping it, EVERY SINGLE PETAL FELL OFF! I mean, every one. So, amidst poor JujuBeans tears, I thought, why not take them inside and use them for an art project. We then snipped off the last of the red roses as well (its petals clung tenaciously). The girl in the photo is my creation, inspired by the lovely roses.

The top figure in this picture is ButterBean’s creation, a cheerleader (note the tiny pompoms) with a flower in her hair. The bottom two are flowers that I made for the girl beans for their help and letting me use their scissors.

Happy artistic expression!


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