>Who’s Ready to Decorate Some Cookies?!!!

>Alright, it’s that time of year again… cookie-making time. The Bean pad is prepped for the season and I think it’s time for us to come together and make cookies. I know that in the past we’ve stuck to the lady-bloggers, but this time we may open it up! So, I’m calling all of the lady-bloggers to keep me honest. If you don’t get an e-mail this week from me (and you have my e-mail), send me a note. Otherwise, drop a note to Kinzi or Khalidah as both definitely have my addy. Oh, and Moey and Dave, if you’re interested, we might make an exception for you guys. So, drop a note to one of the above or comment and I’ll give you one of my many e-mail addys to use.

Happy decor!


9 thoughts on “>Who’s Ready to Decorate Some Cookies?!!!

  1. >Why moey and Dave? You know something we don’t? :DI wish I can join … 😦 .. but hey, we can do it over teleconference!Alright, have fun girls (and ehm .. boys) and maybe oneday .. I’ll be able to join!

  2. >Would you consider shipping your delicious cookies abroad? I don’t mind being uninvited but I can’t resist freshly baked cookies! 🙂 Enjoy! Dave and Moey you guys are lucky!!!

  3. >MommaBean, you wanna do it at my place this year? last year you went through so much trouble..I am ready to host it granted you and Kinzi handle anything that has to do with cookies..I am clueless in that field!salam

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