>Moms, Necessary or Overrated?

>So, as most of you are likely aware, I had to take an emergency trip to the US to be with MimiBean during PJBean’s last days. We had the funeral (very moving and exactly what he would have wanted) on Saturday and I headed out Sunday for home. My reception at home was great. I hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed on the beans. However, when TetaBean was getting ready to leave, JujuBean started crying and wanting her to stay forever. Of course, after a week of playing with TetaBean, I kind of expected that.

Then, when we dropped ButterBean off at school, El 3atal asked her teachers how it had gone. They were very, very pleased and said that usually when parents went out of town, the kids were more clingy and crying than usual. With us, the exact opposite was true! Yikes! As if they didn’t already think I’m a bad mom… Ha! ButterBean cried less getting dropped off by TetaBean than by MommaBean. How silly is that? But, I guess I can take it as a compliment. ButterBean is so sad to leave me and misses me so much that she nearly cried this morning. too funny.

So, I started thinking, Moms, are we necessary or perhaps a bit overrated? Teehee. Sometimes I think they get along just as well without us!

Happy insecurities!


9 thoughts on “>Moms, Necessary or Overrated?

  1. >aw mamabean…..ziad is always telling me that teta (my mom)is a better mom than i am…of course she lets him have chocolate too many times in a day..and she allows him to drink pop instead of juice..which is a nono at our house..and of course she buys whatever he wants when they are out shopping…

  2. >Sam, sounds like we’re in the same position… Although, I have to admit that JuniorBean hugged me and told me I was the best Mom ever the other day :).Salam, you got it!

  3. >I think it’s very healthy when kids develop other healthy relationships with people other than mom and dad 🙂 . Nothing makes me more happy than when my little one gets attached to her grandparents. Think about it, it’s kidna relaxing because when you go visit the kids start clinging to them instead of you.

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