>Excitement in the Evening? Near misses that will live in infamy.

>Well, the bean-mobile had a very near miss tonight. Fortunately, no beans were present in the car at the time. We had a nice dinner out with Teta and Jiddo Bean and were sitting with them at their place when we heard that whoosh that is the compression of air in a high speed accident. Then we heard a second (and much louder) bang, bam, boom! So, of course, we jumped up and rushed to the balcony to see what had happened and if our car had been caught in the fray somehow. It seems that two luxury cars had collided in an intersection right near the GrandBeans‘ house. It was really, really ugly. I’m certain that both cars were totaled from the impact.

Of course El 3atal pulled on his coat and dashed down to ensure that our car had not been hit. This was a reasonable fear as car 1 (a BMW) had been spun around and stopped maybe a foot from the car in front of us. The entire front end of the car was either missing or pushed so far back into the hood that I couldn’t see it. Car 2 (a Nissan SUV, I think) had run up over the curb, hit a parked car, and demolished the stone wall in front one of the buildings. Yikes!

From the angle, I had a firm suspicion that Car 2 was at fault. Now, it seems that there were several bottles of whiskey in the car with the ladies in very questionable apparel (okay, I’m from the US and even I think it was questionable). So, sadly I anticipate that this was an avoidable accident fueled (please excuse the unintentional pun) by drinking and poor choices.

Good news: No one was seriously injured, persons in authority were immediately on hand (no uniforms, but you know of whom I speak)

Bad news: Both cars totaled and damage to a poor bystander who had simply parked on the street in front of his building.

Sad lessons, hard learned for these young ladies (and I do use the term very loosely).

Happy parking!


3 thoughts on “>Excitement in the Evening? Near misses that will live in infamy.

  1. >woooo, that was close! I bet those ‘ladies’ weren’t planning on being blogged about (or maybe even even taken into custody is there was alcohol involved) when they made those poor choices. May this be a wake-up call to them to clean it up.

  2. >wow..im glad no one was hurt…how irresponsible for these young “ladies” i hope they get punished bad..they could have killed someone because they wanted to have some fun..it sickens me when see people doing this…

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