>The challenges of international travel as a blond!

>So, Kinzi’s post inspired me. With all of recent international travels, my favorite blond joke seems quite appropriate. Of course, I (like every blond I’ve ever known) have quite an arsenal of them. It comes with the hair color… you either collect jokes and enjoy the goofiness of them or you go through life constantly offended. So, here’s my very favorite.

An airplane was boarding for a flight to Hawaii. A gentleman went to board and found his first class seat taken by a lovely blond woman. He spoke with the flight attendant and asked for assistance. The flight attendant requested the blonde’s boarding pass and found that her ticket had been purchased for the coach cabin. He explained gently to the woman that she would have to move as this was not her seat. The blond steadfastly refused to leave the seat and move back into her coach seat. The flight attendant was insistent, but the blond refused to listen to him. A few moments later, the captain came out to see what was stalling the boarding process. He had a brief discussion with the flight attendant and then said, my wife is blond, give me a minute and I’ll take care of it. He went over, whispered in blonde’s ear. She looked first concerned, then startled, then hopped up and dashed back to the coach seat.

Wow, the flight attendant said, that was amazing. How did you do that? The captain said, it’s simple, I just told her that this part of the plane isn’t going to Hawaii!

Speak slowly, I’m naturally blond…


7 thoughts on “>The challenges of international travel as a blond!

  1. >Glad you enjoyed it Jad. And, thanks for the shout out Umm Farouq. You know, I think only reasonably bright blonds can even appreicate dumb blond jokes. The dumb ones don’t understand them…

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