>This is NOT a shameless self-promotion plug…

>but only because I don’t hold any ownership in Galler… Yes, that’s right, as Kinzi said live blogging now occuring at Galler. Using their free wireless notice how sutle that plug was, it fit right into conversation, teehee! Seriously, some BloggerMamas are meting up tonight for a rare adult, kids-free mom-a-thon. So, I came on over immediately after putting this kids to bed (Do not Pass Go, Do not collect $200) so I could have a moment to blog and whatever. So, what do I blog about, chocolate, of course. And, honestly Galler has been a bit of a revelation to me in many ways…

  1. I thought I didn’t like white chocolate until I had Galler’s white chocolate (I thought it was a floral one-off, but it wasn’t. I had another white chocolate today and it was also awesome.
  2. Hal’s dad is impossible to refuse. He holds new chocoates under my nose and I must partake… no choice. And he really had to twist my arm, too.
  3. There IS something as good as Godiva.
  4. Orange is quite an attractive color when combined with warm wood tones and beige and yellows.

That’s all I’ve got just now. Kinzi came in and I’d rather make memories than talk about making them!

Happy live-blogging!


4 thoughts on “>This is NOT a shameless self-promotion plug…

  1. >I’m so sorry I missed out! I should have at least stopped by for a quick hello, and you’ve made use of the free wireless there way better than I have! Hehehehe, and I love your observations – they’re the same as mine! I didn’t know orange could be such a warm colour – I thought it might be too much. AND LONG LIVE WHITE CHOCOLATE! šŸ˜€ Hope to see you there often, and next time, with ME partaking in hot chocolate WITH you! šŸ˜€

  2. >Hal, you’d BETTER be there next time, girl ;). It was lovely, as I had expected it would be. And, i bought some florals to indulge in at home. Kinz, enjoyed your post…

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