>Can someone please tell me, what hours are they open?!


I came across this sign the other day for opening hours and it leaves me with two impressions:
  1. They are very confused about what the From and To terms mean, and
  2. I’m unsure why they bother to open if they are only open 3 hours a day…

At any rate, I found this one quite funny and hope you enjoy it too.

Happy confusion!

10 thoughts on “>Can someone please tell me, what hours are they open?!

  1. >Qwaider, I agree. Better shop quick (even if it’s just 3 hours).Dave, my assumption was that they were trying to show that their hours are different on different days too. But, I wasn’t sure how to interpret the days…

  2. >hmmwhy it’s not from 1 pm to 10 pm and from 2 pm to 10pm are u sure its about open time not the size about something the sell as i see its movable sing u can see the number is like sticker so they might change it every time they close for something or size

  3. >Qabbani, Another interesting possible interpretation. Perhaps I’ll have to stop in and ask one of these days :). Although, given that you use Europan sizing here (which is very depressing by the way), I can’t think that 10-1 would be sizes for women’s clothing…

  4. >MommaBean MommaBean..you should have come to me with this one right away..this my dear..and not to defend them because it is absolutely unclear what the hell the mean with this, is not their opening hours..this is the duration of their sale period..from the tenth of January to the tenth of February..now why would it make any sense if the sign doesn’t even say sale..it wouldn’t..but they are asked to post the dates for sales and this they did..pretty clever isn’t it?

  5. >Salam, that makes the most sense of any guess so far! You must be the veteran shopper among us. I will admit that I aassumed it was opening hours because they actually never ARE open before about 10 :). ‘m going to stop in and ask them.

  6. >Ohh, ohh (me raising my hand) I want to try! I think they are trying to tell us that they open at 10 in the morning and close at 1for lunch. Now, the tricky part…. Assuming they suffer from some type of Arabic/English left/right confusion, I think they want to tell us that they open back up at 2 and close at 10 in the evening. Dyslexia maybe?

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