>Scenes from my window… Yes, even more snow pictures


Like Jad, I can’t help posting more and more posts (I’m winning so far, though!)… And I should be working! I can always do that tonight I guess. At any rate, I got some fun shots of my neighborhood once people finally woke up (I have sense that many alarms were not set this morning in anticipation of the snow). I do want to know what makes the drivers of old and VERY small cars (I like the green one especially) think that they can drive through 5-6″ of snow… Silly, silly boys. Note the Range Rover passing both stuck cars on the right :). The cars in these pics took about 30 minutes to finally back up and make it down the hill, teehee.

The shabab come out to play.

Creative (and talented) neigbors)

Finally, the snow coming down at a nice clip earlier.

Happy voyeurism!

4 thoughts on “>Scenes from my window… Yes, even more snow pictures

  1. >cool pics 🙂 keep taking photos and post heh that fountain idea was super cool! i hope beans enjoyed that snow :)There is sth else, i have noticed many times that you write your blog’s url in comments with a letter missing in blogspot, so it won’t direct to your blog. like http://www.a-tale-of-three-beans.blogsot.com/ is not your correct blog’s url :Djust letting you know so people wont miss your lovely blog :)have a nice warm night

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