>MommaBean unmasked? Well, not quite…


For those of you whom I haven’t met and have been sitting around wondering (wait I only ahve like 3 readers and I’ve met them all I think…), what does MommaBean look like, I’ve unmasked, opened up, and generally come clean with Samer Marzouq in his series of interviews with bloggers. I’m attaching the link here.

However, for those too lazy to actually click on the link (you miss all of my refreshingly unexpected comments, mind you), I’m dropping in the latest picture of MommaBean unmasked – or remasked.

Old MommaBean pic:

MommaBean unmasked:

Just as an FYI, I am featured here in my natural surroundings (read that magic wand and adoring subjects who are outside the view of my fairy godmother viewfinder). So, since the self-portrait made it hard to find me on the streets of Amman, just look for the Bean-created princess mask and magic wand… Teehee.

Happy unmasking!


10 thoughts on “>MommaBean unmasked? Well, not quite…

  1. >Thanks Summer, Bakkouz, and No_Angel. Glad you enjoyed it (and indeed Bakkouz, I must admit overstating the limited nature of my readership for humor, when are you coming to Amman?!).

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