>What’s in a Number? Is 134 as dull as it looks?

>The number 134 seems like a very dull number doesn’t it? I mean, it has nothing particular to recommend it. 123 is interesting. Even 234, but 134 is just, well, a number. Or is it? I actually found some rather interesting things about 134 today, so let me share them with you…

  • The world’s tallest thermometer is 134 feet in height and is found in Baker, CA (can you say only in the US?!)
  • 134 is the gene adenosine A1 receptor (protein coding). It plays a role in fertilization and may play a role in kidney function and ethanol intoxication.
  • Form I-134 is the Affidavit of Family Support used to show the US government that you can financially support family visiting the US
  • In 134 AD, a law was passed in Rome to improve the lives of free workers
  • Also in 134, the Athenaeum, a university of rhetoric, law and philosophy, opened in Rome
  • 134 is a nontotient because there is no integer with exactly 134 coprimes below it

And, perhaps most appropriately…

  • Article 134 of the American Uniform Code of Military Justice is the catch all category for “offences not specifically mentioned in this chapter.” It has been used to prosecute cohabitation by persons not married to each other and statements critical of George W. Bush (appropriate).
  • Psalm 134 from the Bible is A song of ascents and is as follows 1 Praise the Lord all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord. 2 Lift up your hands in the sanctuary and praise the Lord. 3 May the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth, less you from Zion

134 is the number of days that Fouad Al Farhan has spent in prison without charges being filed against him.

I Praise the Lord and lift my hopes and prayers to him that it will not be another 134 days before Fouad’s children see him again. I plead with the Lord to soften hard hearts and bring this man home to his wife. I ask for His tender mercy and loving kindness to be upon Fouad that he may know that he is not forgotten.

Happy 134th day? May we not make it to 135…

7 thoughts on “>What’s in a Number? Is 134 as dull as it looks?

  1. >I had no idea where you were going with that, until I saw the yellow. Good job of catching our attention. May Allah have mercy on Fouad and his family and reunite them soon.

  2. >Nice blog, well 134 is an interesting number with all the information you posted, but the worst is having Fuad in prison.

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