>If EVER a teacher should be fired… teacher leads KG class to vote student out?!

>So, I came across this news item through a group I’m on (that’s praying for the family and the teacher), but as a parent I just have to register my disgust with this teacher. Also, honestly, I’d be firing her if I were the Principal.

In these days of school shootings by children who felt ostracized by their peers, this teacher thinks such an action is appropriate in KG! At 5 years old! Please…

I’ve dropped in a link to the article below, but basically, a little boy in KG who has significant challenges (he’s in the process of being diagnosed for autism) returned from a trip to the Principal’s office. His teacher brought him to the front of the class, allowed his fellow students to say whatever they wanted about him (I can only imagine!) and then vote whether he could remain in the class. Honestly, this kind of action is criminal. Truly criminal.

His Mom says he’s been sitting around saying “I’m not special” to himself. How can anyone who calls themselves a teacher do this sort of emotional damage to a child? You know, as a parent, I think I’d sue to get her fired. And I’d also probably sue her personally, and I would pretty much NEVER sue. But for this… I think I just might.



3 thoughts on “>If EVER a teacher should be fired… teacher leads KG class to vote student out?!

  1. >It doesn’t matter how bad the kid’s behavior could have been. Nothing would justify subjecting him to that. His self esteem is probably already quite low. If she really thought he didn’t belong the adult thing to do would have been to discuss it with his parents.

  2. >Hani, my sentiments exactly. I ask you, who behaved more like a 5 year old? Bombaygirl, as a parent, I not only cringe, but I also think lawsuit…

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