>Warning, deviation from typical MommaBean fare, talking politics…

>So, I read three stories this morning on msn. Two of them troubled me greatly. The only one I didn’t find troubling was the story about Obama helping Clinton pay off her campaign debts (http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25357545). This one I found interesting. I find it a bit curious that Clinton’s fundraisers would push Obama to do this, but admirable that he’d be willing to ask. If I were a donor (which I’m not, in the spirit of full disclosure) for Obama, I wouldn’t give money to pay for a poorly run unsuccessful campaign… But, that’s just me. Then I read two stories that trouble me. Really.

First, we are treated to the incautious comments of one of McCain’s top advisors saying that a terror attack would help McCain’s bid for the presidency. Well, at least it falls short of terror mongering a la George Bush. But, how crass and insensitive is it to attempt to make terror a poll boost for your candidate. The cynical side of me wonders if he isn’t actually issuing a call to arms to unscrupulous supporters to produce a terror attack that could be blamed on a Middle East faction. That is, after all, just what we need. In a land filled with wonderful, loving, caring people, we really just need another nutcase to execute an attack and elect someone who is old, in poor health, and a continuation of the bad government we’ve had for the last 8 years in the US, don’t we? Read more about it here -> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25357745.

The last one, that I find wholly unsurprising but absolutely disturbing is the report coming out of the justice department that the White House interfered with the hiring of new staff to ensure that democrats and those who disagree with the current administration were bypassed. The full story is here -> http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25348796/. How petty, low, and inappropriate can you get? No wonder America has gone from the land of the free to the land of the free to agree. I’m embarrassed and ashamed of my fellow Americans that they elected this loser not one, but TWICE. Ashamed I tell you.

And, now, since I’m clearly pulling no punches today, let me say a word about the election of a man who prides himself on being a simpleton (dub-ya, anyone?). When he first ran, I voted against him for one simple reason. A man who believes it is his right to control other people’s bodies will stop at nothing. Really, if I believe that I can make personal decisions for you, do you think I’ll balk at rounding up people from a set of countries or a religion? Will I lose sleep over torturing those “guilty” people who in all likelihood have done nothing wrong? Ironically, although I personally am against abortion, I have found that any man who is committed to taking away a woman’s right to have one is likely to have no compunction about taking away others’ rights with even less provocation. There’s a reason that America was founded on the separation of church and state. Maybe one day we’ll see a return to that separation. Until then, I’ll vote against anyone who is anti-choice. Unfortunately, the Shrub proved my point in ways I had hoped never to see. And I’m very wary of people who make a big show of their faith these days as well. After all, a man who expresses that he was never troubled by signing execution orders seems to have a serious case of hypocrisy. Killing unborn fetuses is wrong, but killing living people is fine?! How does that work exactly. Killing is killing, let’s at least admit that either both are wrong or neither is…

Okay, MommaBean is now off of her soapbox. Talk about a one-two punch… this morning’s news has me deeply troubled. Today I’m praying for the American people, that they are able to make a wise choice. That God softens the heart of whomever is elected. That in fact, the next President will be a healer rather than a fear and war monger.

Happy hopefulness!


7 thoughts on “>Warning, deviation from typical MommaBean fare, talking politics…

  1. >wow I need a jack to pull my jaw back in place… is that really you saying all that, my respect to you grew quite a bit by the time i finished reading. to the extent that i’m almost speechless in my comment ;)thank you ps. i can’t hold out by not saying anything related but one comment regarding the campaign in general is that, at this point in time especially, we are in dire need of elevating the level of the debate about issues that are not going to just impact the US but the whole world and what we got so far is nothing more than just another rerun of rove’s campaign, one filled with smear, crass, and general fear mongering but this time we get a double dose no thanks to the hillbills. So i am disappointed thoroughly and i’m sick of election news… and almost everyone else is …

  2. >Wow mamabean, please don’t hit me. I thought this level of angry blogging is reserved to mab3oos!!I will have to disagree with you on the first piece of news. Hillary ran a very successful campaign. obviously, she is not chosen as the dem. nominee. But, she was closer than an female candidate in the history of the USA. Even though she was hurt sometimes by the actions of Bill, she ran neck in neck to Obama. in regard to the other story, sadly too many Americans feed on fear. The idea of someone attacking the US and lessening their enjoyment of life is broadcasted daily by the likes of fox and associates. However, I think their way of thinking is changing after those 8 miserable years of Bush and they, too, are looking for change. One more thing, my first presidential vote ever is going to Obama.

  3. >No_angel, Thanks, I think. I expect this post will indeed surprise many as it’s a topic I tend to avoid in all the fluff of my everyday life :). There is no doubt that the level of debate needs to be elevated, but the only times that has happened is when there was a strong 3rd party candidate (a la Ross Perot and Ralph Nader). It doesn’t necessarily mean that the debate was elevated as much as it should be, but…Mab3oos, Welcome. I assure you I get angry quite a bit, but I do tend to contain it to conversations in my head… When I reflect on the success of Hillary’s campaign, I see the lack of winning the nomination as the lesser issue. The fact that she finished her run $ 20 million in the red as a failure. I would worry about a President (or Vice) who was that comfortable spending large sums of money she doesn’t have :). So, that’s the context of my position. She gained alot for women and I respect that, but feel that her campaign was unsuccessful in some key areas.I’m glad to hear that you will be exercising your right to vote and I’ll probably be joining you inyour choice of candidate…

  4. >Woohooo! From soapbox to PLATFORM! Great angles and insights; even when I disagree (not even that often) I love listening to the way you think. 🙂

  5. >It’s a good political soapbox, yours is. It is OK to deviate from the fluff of our life, right? Sometimes we need to be more hard core, or just LOUDER. And hurrah for not being simpletons!

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