>McCain = Bush: First the Sign, then the Evidence

>My, my, my. Campaign time gives each candidate the opportunity to show their best, to demonstrate their skills and showcase their strengths. It also gives them the chance to separate themselves from those that have gone before… or not. In a move that brings viscerally to mind the antics of W and his “free speech zones” (which I think used to be called the United States, by the way), McCain had a woman physically removed (by four policemen) for holding a sign while waiting in line for one of his “open” town halls. His campaign had her charged with “trespassing” at a facility that is partially funded by the city for holding a sign saying McCain = Bush. Here’s the video => http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3036677/#25594420&GT1=42003.

Now, I admit, she WAS a danger. I mean, she’s short, in her 60s, with grey hair, looking like a librarian. Oh, wait, she IS a librarian… How much more dangerous can you get? She’s also rather intelligent and made the very obvious point, if you’re Republican, why would this comparison offend you? But really, the bottom line is that by taking such action, he proved the sentiment behind the sign, now didn’t he? It appears clear to me that McCain does indeed equal Bush in so many unpleasant ways. A sad commentary in my mind…

Happy forcible removal!


One thought on “>McCain = Bush: First the Sign, then the Evidence

  1. >Hey, I know I am slow, but I found you quoted in Luxury (such a bad name) magazine from May 2008, today at the doctor’s office. I don’t buy such magazines, but I will peruse them occasionally while waiting around somewhere. I found you listed on the Jordan Blog Day article. Good for you.

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