>Musical theater – Bean-style

>Well, poor El 3atal, he really missed out. This morning I was treated to a dance recital, a play and a musical number filled graduation. It isn’t as uncommon as you might imagine since both ButterBean and the TwinBean’s schools had a graduation with musical numbers. So, now we get treated to those and to made-up numbers by JujuBean.

As an aside, ButterBean’s graduation was a bit of an eye-opener for El 3atal. He hadn’t really realized that ButterBean sings Arabic songs at school. And, I don’t just mean the fun Arabic kids songs we’ve had around the house forever. The numbers at graduation were focused on Jordan. Lots of patriotic, nationalistic songs (so I hear, teehee). When he saw ButterBean singing Ashan Malik, he was particularly moved (no idea why and no idea what this one means).

So, today JujuBean decided that she wanted to do a medley reprise as her closing number. For those don’t know, this is where you grab a bunch of songs from an album and blend them in for the final song (at least that’s my definition and I’m sticking to it). So, JujuBean’s lovely song started like this, “Ashan Malik and giraffes and tiger too”. It went on from there to cover a wide ranging array of topicsmostly to the Ashan Malik tune. Quite entertaining…

All of this came after ButterBean’s ballet tribute. She and her imaginary friends (the Ouzy family) danced lovely flower dances for us. The final one of this was a rainbow rose dance. It ended with an Arabesque twirl (kind of). It was lovely, though. And quite the work-out.

The only one who didn’t do any songs or dances was JuniorBean who was busy throughout flipping upside down in Baba’s recliner. I looked over at one point and thought what a great gymnast this little man is going to make. He has no tummy at all, but incredibly strong stomach muscles. Of the three, he’s the only one who can hold himself in the superman pose for fairly long periods when Baba lifts him. As a result, El 3atal enjoys doing JuniorBean lifts as part of his exercise regimen. JuniorBean loves the closeness. A win all around.

Maybe someday soon we’ll schedule a Bean family concert or even a bloggers talent show night :). It’ll be something like The Sound of Music where the whole family performs (but I’d imagine we can skip the running away from the Nazis thing). Ah, the fun we come up with…

Happy Off-Broadway Shows!


3 thoughts on “>Musical theater – Bean-style

  1. >There, you’ve got it! I wondered why there would be a song “because a king” That’s what my pitiful Arabic gets me. Now I can correct their singing. For more about our failings in pronounciation in both English and Arabic read my post of Jujulish (which I’m fairly sure you did).

  2. >oh yea i sure did read that post it was fun :DDanyway ,you don’t wanna add lyrics to the Anthem moreover go public about it 😀 . there is a law in Jordan that prevents journalists from “making fun” of the king in any way .andd spare yourself the headache 😀 i really don’t mean to freak ya out or anything ,just an advice .and for more sparing headache for me ,delete this reply after you read it please :D.

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