>If a sale is 0% is it really a sale?


No, this isn’t like if a tree falls in the woods. Check out this big old window display from Mecca Mall…

Okay, so things may be 0% off? Then (okay I know this is a challenging concept, but) IT’S NOT ON SALE! Teehee. I thought this one was tooooo funny. I’d tell on the store, but didn’t even notice the name. The 0% sale was just too eye-catching.
And, on the review side of the house, we passed this on the way to (and from) bowling for the first time at Mecca Mall. Smoky atmosphere notwithstanding, the lanes at Mecca Mall are MUCH better than the Kempinski (and the parking’s better too). If they served pizza and beer, it could have been in the US with all the cigarettes burning. Although, we were short a few pot-bellied players as well :). It was a good time and maybe we’ll actually go again sometime (not counting THOSE chickens).
Happy Strike-outs!

6 thoughts on “>If a sale is 0% is it really a sale?

  1. >I think I know what they were trying to say! Even if it’s on Sale, it’s still stupid expensive!I’ve lost you. I’m on a new laptop and had your email on my old one. I thought you’d left it in the comments on my site, but couldn’t find it there. Then, I wondered if you left it in the comments on your site, but the pirated WIFI connection I’m getting isn’t too hot! So, if you get a minute, shoot me an email at pagubser@yahoo.com. I think I can at least narrow down where I live!

  2. >LMAO :DDDDDDDu know wut,its good that u r documenting these observations right now,give yourself a bit of time and you’ll cope with it :D0% discount malhom ?better than nothing :DDDDDDD

  3. >Simple, Done. Hope you got my e-mail. And, I actually rarely buy anything from here (except shoes this weekend because the Beans have none that fit for school).NasEr, Indeed. I’m quite used to silly things that make no sense by now, teehee. Let’s see, a 0% discount means no discount, so, full price, right?! So, in fact it’s not better than nothing, it IS nothing :).

  4. >Mommabean !!!! focus with me :d does the word “sarcastic” rings any bells ? 😀 plus,its commonly used in Jordan to describe wutever bad thing as “better than nothing” ولا البلاش .. so. its ruined now LOL.

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