>The "Mystical" Approach to Spelling? The Beans first visit to Petra

>So, El 3atal and I took the Beans to Petra last week and had a blast. I’m ashamed of all of the people that I meet who are FROM Jordan and have never been. For those of you who aren’t aware, this isn’t a rare thing. I’ve met more natives of Jordan who have NOT been than who have. It seems as if the 3ish hours from Amman to Petra is too much somehow. I was absolutely sure that the Beans would not be included in their number. So, I finally harangued El 3atal into a last-minute trip while 3ammoBean and 3amtiBean are here from the UAE. While here, we took the Beans first horse-drawn cart ride and first camel ride. We all enjoyed it spectacularly. Basically our visit consisted of the Beans riding down on the cart and waiting for us to walk down through the Siq. Then we walked around to the Roma Amphitheater. At that point, we grabbed camels and took them around to the rest house, back up past the two churches, and all the way to the Treasury. Then, the Beans took the carts back up while the rest of us walked. 3ammoBean and El 3atal took off leaving 3amtiBean and I to make our way at our own pace (you may read that much slower). Once we reached the entrance to the Siq, we negotiated a 50+% discount and took horses up the toughest part of the walk. I’d say it was the best 4 JDs (2JDs each for 3amtiBean and I) we’ve ever spent :). All in all, it was a great time. I know the Beans likely won’t remember much about it, but it broke the ice. JujuBean wanted to know “Mommy, can we live here forever?” Well, no. But we can visit often (apparently JujuBean like the 5-star lifestyle)…

While there, we visited a restaurant just outside of the gates, which has excellent food. I mean, truly it looks a little hmmm (don’t they all?)… but the food was awesome. So, MommaBean recommends the Pasta Napolitan at Mystic Pizza (anyone else having 1980s flashbacks at the name? Julia Roberts anyone…). But, as always, I found the menu startlingly funny. One of the Arab American comedians featured on the Friday Night Minorities Rule comedy show on ShowComedy tells a joke about eating at Arabic restaurants in the US (which is applicable everywhere). He talked about trying to read the terribly funny Arablish spelling and having to just say it out loud over and over until the meaning becomes clear. Like when he read Broasted Schecken. Broasted Schecken, Broasted Scheken, roasted chicken (yes! that’s what I want). Well, the mystical spelling on this menu is of the same vein (yes I’m sure they wondered why I was photographing the menu, that happens to me often).

As you may be able to see, they have a variety of interesting items like Flafel (felafel of course), Fahetta (maybe fajita?), and two different sandwiches (French variation I presume for sandwich), and Kbab (once again, no vowels necessary). However, absolutely my favorite was the Negts. Yes, that’s right, the Negts. After much conversation, we finally decided it must be nuggets (confirmed when we ordered them for ButterBean).

Here’s the front of the menu (it’s the first food place just past the Movenpick).

I hope you enjoyed the artistic license taken with spelling on this menu as much as I have…

Happy Mysticism!

12 thoughts on “>The "Mystical" Approach to Spelling? The Beans first visit to Petra

  1. >Good for you taking the kids!! Mine use our lack thereof as proof we are holding out on them, never take then anywhere.We’ll go with you guys next time. I wanna see El 3atel get a 50% on horses.The discourse on menus belongs in The Lonely Planet for Jordan! Never thought that!

  2. >Kinz, I’m holding you to that! Next time you come… Oh, and El 3atal didn’t do any negotiating. It was all 3amtiBean and me (I played the forget it, walk on by role…)

  3. >LOOOL at the menu thing :DDDDDDDDDcome on thats adorable :p faHHHHita :DDglad to know the beans had fun finally phew :pbut on ur 1st paragraph ,i don’t think u should be ashamed of the people who never been there,we should be ashamed from the economic situation really thats keeping big percentage of Jordanians from visiting Petra ! looks like I’m the middle-class conscious presence on ur blog Momma LOL :DDD

  4. >I have to agree with Nasser, that it’s simply financially impossible (or extremely impractical) for most Jordanians to go to Petra. Added to the cost issue, last time I checked, there were no public buses going directly there from Amman. So it’s either too expensive (by car) or too inconvenient (by bus) for your average person.On the other hand, when I’ve been there on a week day during the school year, I’ve seen lots of elementary age school groups– so at least someone in the government is trying to make sure the kids get an appreciation of Jordan’s treasures.

  5. >Wait! No buses going directly there? Surely not! NasEr, I accept you as the conscience of the middle class. But, given that the entry fee is 1JD for locals, I’m not sure that’s a good enough excuse. Oh, and the ones who’ve told me that weren’t particularly middle class… They almost seemed proud as if not going to see Petra was a badge of honor.And, Rebecca are you back finally? Been missing you.

  6. >I am feeling naughty today so I will share a story of 2 TEACHERS who were shopping in my store the other day…… The two of them were giggling over in the awards certificate section, you know, the cutte little awards teachers give kids that say things like “You are a Star”, “Math Whiz”, etc…. Anyway, full of curiosity, my helper had to go find out what was so funny. Apparently, the two of them (remember they are TEACHERS)found it simply hilarious that one of the certificates, “Super Speller” was misspelled. They were sure it should be “Super SPILLER”. I guess that would be the award for the kids who knocks over the paint pots the most during the school year. LOL!

  7. >oh i know what you mean,when people are so “cool” maybe to go to Petra ,totally understand :d but i noticed something,since I’m in Thailand now,people always tend to underestimate and take for granted what they have,and look with a wider eye to the outside world.and i think its not about the 1JD entry,its about the over all cost and =i think this is the real deal- the state of mind of “touring” ,just like the car seat issue, “touting Jordan” or anywhere else isn’t on the short term list for many unfortunately .Dead Sea and Amman national park are more popular and easier/less costy to access.

  8. >Bama Bedouin, too funny! I’ve had several of these moment with ButterBean’s English teachers (like the one with very good English who say Hero! when they do something right). We’ll just say Bad Spillers of the world UNTIE!Naser, did a wee poll yesterday in a class I was teaching and found that out of the 10 people who had already arrived, 5 had never been to Petra. One of the guys told me he “doesn’t like Petra” so he’s never been. I didn’t ask him how he would know he doesn’t like it if he’s never been but… Again, that cool to put down my home thing.There’s a really nice son I like that says “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone…” (Appalling grammar aside, I think that’s where these people are, some of them.)

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