>The Beauty of Amman’s Local Beach!

>I couldn’t help but capture a shot of this one. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Local Beach.

And, don’t you know the folks at local stores wonder about this crazy lady who is always taking pictures. I only wish it were a REAL beach, you know the kind with sand, sun, and WATER. At the kids soccer game today, we were joking about the fact that we went to the beach, only it was missing the water. A most important element in this heat. May the cool days come quickly!

Happy Beaches!


10 thoughts on “>The Beauty of Amman’s Local Beach!

  1. >only in Jordan :Duh,i miss Jordan 😦 and the misspells and the angry taxi drivers and and alllll the stuff in your blog ! yea and the 0% discount too πŸ˜€

  2. >Good day MommaBean, This is Hala from Talasim team, I was wondering if you would like to add this photo to our online gallery, we have lots of photos that shares the same concept with yours :)Cheers

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