>The Age Old Challenge of the Expat

>So, I face the dilemma of many people living outside their comfort zone. Today, I am officially out of foundation. (For you boys out there, this is the all-over facial coverage makeup). Now, lest you think I live in a backwater where my make-up isn’t available, there are stores that sell it. One on Mecca Street and the other in the new Baraka mall. Herein lies the challenge. Although this make-up is an American make-up (and priced for American wallet might I add), they only carry colors suitable for ladies of darker complexion.

So, you may think I should be able to make do, hunh? I would think so too, if the colors were even near. But they’re about as close to my complexion as San Francisco is to Amman. Here, the numbers say it all. The lowest number that the stores in Jordan carry is #22. I wear #01. See my dilemma?

Oh, and I don’t really wear make-up just for the look. I discovered at the age of 13 that f I don’t wear foundation, I break-out terribly. Until I was about 17, I used prescription make-up. Then, I found Clinique’s oil-free blend and haven’t changed since (except for a 2 week break-out filled period thinking I would try Mary Kay, never again!). So, here I am, left without make-up and minus choices. I’ve done a shop and ship shipment, but it makes my already-expensive make-up even more so…

Wait, I got lost in there. There was a point when I started this post. What was it? Oh, yeah. I my attempts to find make-up, neither store either time asked, would you like me to order that for you? How hard is that? And yet, how much would that make me a loyal customer? Because, my make-up case (you know the not-absolutely-necessary items are also Clinique. My whole make-up drawer looks like an advertisement for them (own to the free gift bags and little tester items). Instead of being able to give my business to a local vendor (nearly always my first choice), I have to ship stuff from the US because not one of the places has any customer services skills… How sad is that?

Happy Break-outs!


8 thoughts on “>The Age Old Challenge of the Expat

  1. >Love Clinique; Mary Kay was not for me, although I wholeheartedly tried it more than once to support the womenfolk I knew who sold it to help supplement their incomes. In fact, I think I still have some lipstick I bought in 2000. Perhaps it’s bad now?I have not attempted to purchase Clinique here in Amman. My Mom is the Free Gift Queen (also a #01 wearer) so she keeps me stocked.

  2. >Add me to the ‘love Clinique, Mary Kay makes me break-out’ sisterhood!!!My blessed mom-in-love would send me her Clinique freebies.Wow…you guys wear #01?? Pur-ity!!

  3. >I’ll let you know. Actually BIL is coming from Dubai and I asked him to see if they have it in duty free there as well. So, maybe I’ll have something even earlier (fingers crossed).

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