>So THAT’S how "Supermoms" do it…

>Well, the earlier claim by the American media that Sarah Palin’s “supermom abilities provoke envy and anxiety in women, especially other working mothers” left out the important information about how she could accomplish such a feat. Now, I’m a working Mom. In fact, I’m an entrepreneur with 3 small children. Due to financial realities, I started back to work 4 weeks after the TwinBeans were born. In the course of that job I traveled some, mostly within about 2 hours of our house. While most of my colleagues traveled out, stayed for a few days and then came back, I traveled out and back the same day. Every time. Even when my trip was to a city 4 hours away. I did it because I couldn’t accept not seeing my Beans.

Apparently, I’m the sucker. What I should have done is bring them with me and charge the company for them, right? Call them the “symbol” of the project? Is that how it works? I mean, I could have been taking them with me on vacation flights, right? I have to say, the more I hear about Sarah Palin, the less I like her. In her first speech, I thought she was negative and hyper-critical, but at least she was well-spoken. However, every day that goes by shows me why she is a rotten choice for Vice President. Shaming conferences into inviting your kids by “informing” them you’re bringing them? Then calling that official state business? How many more ways can she use her public office for personal gain?

If that’s what it takes to be a super mom, no thanks. I’ll continue being a regular, vanilla, ordinary Mom. My conscience, as a Christian, would prod me about having someone else pay so I could bring my kids along. I applaud her desire to have her kids with her, but reality is that she should be paying that our of her hefty salary… not the taxpayer’s money, no?

Happy misappropriation!


11 thoughts on “>So THAT’S how "Supermoms" do it…

  1. >MommaBean: You are indeed a supermom! Every mother is a supermom just by taking the decision to become a mother… because that’s the only decision that is stuck with you lifetime… once a mother… always a mother… It’s a good post 🙂

  2. >Thanks guys, but I’m a realistic Mom. You know, in the past 6 years, I have had some days where I was a “Super Mom”. And, I’ll estimate that it might add up to one a year. Most days, I have my huge flaws, I manage to get by, and I go to sleep knowing I can do better tomorrow. Because, honestly now, that’s what being a mom is.I’m definitely not a Super Mom. I would never claim (nor accept) such a title. I’m not an advertisement for others on how to do it. I have mentors who teach me things and I try and help others when I stumble on things that actually work.But, my bottom line point is that charging the taxpayer to take your kids is so far from what I would want in a role model…

  3. >You are indeed a Supermom…if we look at that amazing biblical supermom, The Proverbs 31 Woman, she had plenty of help, her strength was her ability to delegate, like you! Working moms have very clever ways of putting their kids first in heart.I’m glad she is bringing her kids, otherwise they would never see one another. I wish I could I could hear what they talk about at dinner, this experience must have some high highs and low lows for that family. Didn’t Prez Kennedy let his kids play in the Oval Office at times? Her image, and it seems her reality, is that she works it all together and being together is part of the package.If the Gov left her kids in Alaska for this time, she would be flayed alive. I have a couple friend from Alaska who say they are so proud and thrilled to have their gov in the race, it is their way of supporting her. Now if it was illegal in the accounting, then, that’s something else.

  4. >I have been taking care of my 8 year old nephew who is not a hastle but hey paenting and being a mom is a full time job, I salute all mothers, they are all supermoms, but plz never compare yourself with that idiot Palin. The more I see her the more I find her dumb, did you see latey how she mentions average Joe!

  5. >Ditto, Kinzi. Seeing Palin get off the helicopter last Friday carrying her baby boy made me appreciate her all the more. Besides, a special needs child needs infant needs to be with his/her family as much as possible. And if we want moms and dads of special needs kids (or any kids for that matter) to be able to run for office, paying for the kids travel is probably to be expected. Did it offend people when Chelsea traveled with her parents? I was too young to remember.Emily

  6. >And what about the $150,000 spent out of Republican party donations for her and her family’s clothes? I think John McCain made a huge mistake in choosing her as his running mate, she is far too inexperienced to even think she could be a heartbeat away from being president. In fact, she does not even know what the duties are of the vice-president! T

  7. >I was going to go on a tirade but am being good. I just don’t like Sarah Palin, plain and simple. And let me add: if there had been a 5 month pregnant African American 17-year old, daughter of the VP candidate, up on that stage with said candidate, instead of a caucasian one, would the US have embraced her wholeheartedly? I think there is too much of a double standard at play here, too much apologizing for a woman who is simply unfit (not because of gender, but because she is not Presidential) to be the Commander in Chief or the VP. Does anyone remember when McCain’s adopted daughter from Bangladesh was fodder for the Bush campaign years back, saying McCain had fathered an “illegitimate black child?” How shameful that was. I just think race is too much a part of this entire race for the W. House, and it trumps gender, for sure. And now I will end this tirade I said I wouldn’t start. 🙂

  8. >Kinz, please hear. I am not questioning her bringing them on the campaign trail. If you read the referenced article, she’s been using her position as Governor to call them “official” representatives and pay for their airline tickets to various locations. Effectively, she’s using the state taxpayer’s dollars as her own personal station wagon money. Only, given the size of Alaska, it’s an airplane.Given the length of time she’ll spend on the campaign trail, she needs her family with her during this time. It’s natural ad expected. But, havig the state pay for them routinely on the most specious of pretences is not.And, Umm Farouq, I’m with you on that one. She rubs me every bit the wrong way…

  9. >MommaBean, I see the concern for that specific statement ‘official representatives’. Well, I see the others too, but now see the main thrust of your point which was not what I was getting.I love it when you get carried away :). I’ll love it more when this is all over, it makes me tired.

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