>Goal = Consistency : Outcome = Failure

>So, El 3atal has been doing an amazing job dieting. He’s lost like 50 pounds and he’s looking great. However, the success of his efforts have been negatively impacted by Jordan’s continual lack of consistency in importing products. His diet has primarily consisted of having Fitness bran flakes for breakfast and dinner. But then, about six weeks ago, every store in town ran out of Fitness. And no seems to be able to get them. I was, understandably, excited when I found them last week. The only problem was, well, size… While I can handle large or small boxes, I refuse to pay a fortune for miniature boxes. This is what I found…

As you can see, the box is less than half the size of a normal small box. How sad is that? That’d last like a day. So, once again good plans are foiled by this wonderful country’s complete lack of consistency. Just once I’d like to be able to actually COUNT on something being available in stores. And, lest you think this applies only to El 3atal, we’re having to crush Hershey Kisses since there have been no chocolate chips available in town for just as long if not longer…

Happy Shortages!


12 thoughts on “>Goal = Consistency : Outcome = Failure

  1. >Crushing Hershey’s kisses to make chocolate chips! That is almost a sin, my dear! Could have asked me for an emergency supply. One of those things I never fail to order from the states. God willing that ability will continue as long as we live in the ME.

  2. >Hmm, we don’t have Hershey’s kisses *or* chocolate chips. When I want them, I have to cut up actual chocolate bars with a knife, and you can imagine how well that works…FWIW, here Special K has a big campaign about using the product for diets, a bowl for breakfast and dinner– may not have as much fiber, but I think the two cereals are relatively similar. Maybe he could use Special K (sprinkled with bran powder?) as a substitute until the supply resumes? Also, I don’t know about where you are, but here stores (like Carrefour) tend to have their own brands that are comparable to the popular name brands…

  3. >Nicole, I am dying…cutting up Hersheys kisses a sin!!! Yea, I love those things to the point of sinning, indeed!!! MB I;m sure I have a bag stashed somewhere. :)It really is bad when everyone runs out of our fav stuff at the same time. There must a shipment stuck in Aqaba?

  4. >Tried the Letoile choc chips? They’re not half bad.If I see Fitness on this end of town I’ll pick you up a box. Bravo for your husband! 50 lbs. is a great accomplishment.

  5. >Thanks for your commiseration. I actually feel bad for folks who can’t EVER get these items. It does tend to breed something of a hoarders mentality (you should see the 10 boxes of Cheerios I have stashed about the house and office, teehee).Tim, Good to know, for El 3atla I might even make my way to the evil Carrefour. But if they had them, then everyone else is likely to be restocking as well.Kate, yes, this is the Special K diet (and where I got the idea that I gave him…). However, we tried Special K and it just isn’t as filling :(. Oh, and we’e tried pretty much every other brand in town and they’re absymmal.Nicole and Kinz, you are both sweet with your offer of emergency supplies. However, admittedly the chocolate chips rank fairly low on my order of calling in favors, teehee. They’re mostly for my morning pancakes after all… (NOW we see why El 3atal has lost oodles of weight and I haven’t lost a pound). Oh, and Kinz, since this is a Nestle product made in Saudi as I recall, I don’t think the stuck shipment is a valid excuse… Teehee.Umm Farouq, what are Letoile chocolate chips? And where? I’ve seen their semi-sweet bars, but no chips. And, you are sweet to offer. Fortunately (or unfortunately) since El 3atal has been traveling, he shortage hasn’t weighed as heavily on him…

  6. >By the way, Miles in Mecca Mall has a good assortment of things. I didn’t look well yesterday to find that cereal, but they did have Grape Nuts! That is something I haven’t had for ages. Yum yum.

  7. >Thanks Nicole. Actually, I’ve seen Grape Nuts at Safeway rather a lot. But, then, I personally don’t eat the twigs-and-leaves type cereals. And El 3atal is REALLY picky about his, teehee.

  8. >Fitness kellogs should be availale as its produced and shipped from Saudi Arabia. Anyways for my diet I don’t depend on any of the diet food in the grocery sotores. The best recipe for loosing wight (and I salute your husband) is moderate eating, a good large breakfast meal, very little carbs at night, workout (walk, run, gym, cycle, even g oup te staiars)the main formula is burn more calories than you eat.

  9. >There are Letoile chips at Top & Top most of the time. Also at C-Town Mecca Mall. They are really good! I've also been known to take a hammer to a TODAY bar now and again. When in Rome…

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