>V-up The latest Drink Craze? : Fun with Menus

>Recently we were sitting getting some ice cream for the Beans and I found the menu particularly amusing. My favorite thing was the new drink listed below:

Yes, that’s right V-up. For those who don’t know, the V is actually 7 in Arabic. Talk about Arablish…

I also enjoyed the Browine and the capitalization errors on this page…

So, once again the proofreading skills in Jordan are a bit of a failure.

Happy Copy-Editing!


11 thoughts on “>V-up The latest Drink Craze? : Fun with Menus

  1. >Haha, Ive seen worse like signs that say: Bub (as in Pub)and saw a few menus with typos like this one you had ;)I wonder how people don’t put the effort to check their spelling when opening a business that requires alot of attention and details.

  2. >Ali, indeed. I’ve actually posted before about the Pup and Restaurant on the Abdoun circle… Haha.I’m even more impressed by the magazines and billboard with horrible misspellings, bad grammar, and downright awful English. it seems if you’re going to spend the time and money to put it in English, you’d want to get it right…

  3. >I’m starting to collect them, one of my favourites is Old View’s menu! But then again,yesterday I saw ‘Botato sandwich’, and then there is ‘appetizers’ instead of ‘desserts’ and ‘jambo bisciuts’ and ‘farbatccino’ for frappuccino and, and….. they always leave me in giggles and in awe!Just like what you said, if you r gonna spend all that money, might as well get it right. I even debated starting a menu editing company…

  4. >Dal, welcome. I collect them and blog them. So far, I think my favorites are the store I blogged about (Cidar Decortion, which sounds rather like an uncomfortable chiropractic treatment to me) and Starbuck’s Peapeery coffee. I feel a “Best of” post coming on for those wo may have missed them over the last couple of years.

  5. >Thanks anonymous. The other plus is that it allows me to be terribly lazy… Just put up pictures I’ve already posted. Maybe I’ll let my 3 raders vote… Teehee.

  6. >CUTE!!!Maybe a contest for weirdest word associations, as you mentioned painful chiro treatment!That ‘farboccino’ instantly reminded me of carbs and, uh oh, flatulence.

  7. >I lived in Japan for a while and was always amazed at the stuff they would write in English. NO ONE was available to proof read before they printed huge billboards and tv commercials?!

  8. >Ahh, Jano, you see cool and I see a curse. I can’t NOT notice them. In fact, all ability to focus on the whole is broken by the smallest error. I copyedit friends’ letters (but at least I don’t sed them back covered in red, teehee). And, never fear, I spill my fair share (or more) of drool…

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