>MommaBean’s Best Of: Only in Jordan


Alright, so today we move away from the signage-heavy pictures on to sights that are so exceptional that they qualify as only in Jordan…

The first entry is actually part two of the Scre Vale fire extinguisher picture. With hydrants like this, it’s a good thing that there are rarely fires in Jordan (and a miracle seeing the way wiring is done…)

Old satellites around the place, never fear… this guy and his Lada are up for the challenge!

And, in the range of creative car parts… I call this one Emergency Brake (check out the white car).

And, this one is entitled replacement parts on the cheap (alternate title, Fire Bomb my car, please). You will note the very safe item pressed into service as a gas cap…

This one comes from our snowy days and continues the car-related theme. As you will see, when we got 12″ of snow in my area, the guys who ventured out weren’t those with 4 wheel drive SUVs, they were the guy in the vintage 1980s Mercedes and the guy in to the tiny sub-compact car. Is it any wonder they got stuck?

This one goes along with the theme, although the items of interest aren’t the vehicles in the roadway, but rather the table and chairs ready for coffee! Talk about a street-side cafe…

This snapshot is of another road hazard we encountered on our way to visit one of the ruins outside Amman. Never fear, he still has the chain and stake attached :).

Now for my final offering in the roads and driving category, I call this masterpiece Gratuitous Circles.

Finding things in the grocery stores can seem like a scavenger hunt. You never know where items will turn up. Yeast on the baking aisle, baking soda on the laundry aisle… it’s an adventure. Who would expect, for instance to find diet bars on the candy aisle? Only in Jordan…
This one I find mind boggling (along with the chocolate flavored toothpaste that I have not gotten a picture of). Can you imagine stinky babies? Apparently, local babies require perfume.
Here’s some tastelessness that I found positively breath-taking…

And this last one is the second instance of my blog post embarrassing someone enough to make a change. This sign no longer exists. The establishment in question has apparently decided they are no longer in doubt as to their offerings. They now offer Shawerma and more.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this small selection of scenes available only in Jordan… I’m only sorry I didn’t manage to get a snapshot of the sheep using the pedestrian bridge over Airport Road while their shepherds ran across the street at risk of life and limb.

Happy Urduni moments!

4 thoughts on “>MommaBean’s Best Of: Only in Jordan

  1. >The fire extinguisher was the best, I’m used to the donkeys on the road, I mean Ammanis drivers! I guess I will keep my eyes open for you at safeway! I hate safeway and I always complain to them

  2. >I have a love/hate relationship with all of the stores I shop at, to be honest. But then, I hate shopping so it was much the same in the US (although there was logica to the shelf placement). And, once you get used to it, you can tease your friends who don’t know to look for salsa in the midst of the spaghetti sauce. Hey, there’s an idea, a grocery store scavenger hunt…

  3. >Well, the constant movement is the only way it would be fair, right? Otherwise we’d all just alk to the oddly placed items and pick them up… Maybe it’d b the most fun if we found folks new to the country and sent THEM hunting, teehee.

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