>A Thought for Kinzi


This is rather unusual for my blog, I know. But, I wanted to drop you a little note of encouragement. You are handling your current cancer woes with dignity and grace. You’ve been showing us how to deal with adversity. I wanted to say, we love you and pray for your daily (okay many times daily). And then, I saw this picture and thought of you…

This is a reminder that even in this barren, dry land, rain does come. And, when it stops, you may be blessed with the beauty of the rainbow. And, while I know it’s raining right now for you, the rainbow is coming, I know it is. Love and kisses from the whole Bean family!
Happy rainbows!

8 thoughts on “>A Thought for Kinzi

  1. >PRECIOUS BEAAAAAAAANS! MommaBean, OH, i am CRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYING!!! Eyes-leaking, I am so blessed, feel so full, so encouraged!! MB, you know, you SO know, I feel that LOCAL sister-lurve from you too.Rainbows…I have something very special to look forward to, and your words will keep me scanning the skies when it comes. Which is SO where they belong! Thank you, dear dear sister.(Qwaider Family {husband-ha and wife-o & jiiiaayyy-hum} thank you for the additional blessing!! OH, I am speechless)

  2. >This is very touching and emotional indeed. I wish Kinzi all the good health, you can beat cancer by having a strong will, I know that for sure. God Bless you

  3. >Thanks for joining me in my prayers and thoughts for dear Kinzi. I know that she can use everyone right now.Kinzi, I think maybe we’ll do dinner for the Konouz this week. Would you rather we bring something or have you over to the Bean-casa?

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