>Rare Pictures of El 3atal and MommaBean, oh and some pics of our trip to Rome…


Some of you may be aware that El 3atal (or should I say Sayyed Uscita) and I have been in Rome. Well, we’re finally home! We had a great time and so, to make you all jealous, I’ve got pictures of the lovely and wonderful Rome. We had great weather for our trip (except one day of raging downpours) and a fun time walking all around the city. But, before we get to the pictures, I wanted to express a few thoughts.
I was in Rome almost 25 years ago and it’s interesting to see the differing perceptions you have as a teenager and then as an adult.
  1. Big city: I came to Rome the first time from a small city of maybe 500,000 people. It seemed huge and sooo busy. Coming from Amman, it seems quite sedate and orderly, teehee.
  2. Sistine Chapel: before restoration and this time was much better. You could see the colors Michelangelo put on the ceiling in something like their original glory.
  3. Similarities to Amman: In so many ways (the good ones) it reminded me of Amman. There are no skyscrapers (hello, GAM are you listening? Abdali developers can you hear me?). It’s a city of beautiful architecture and low buildings with sense, style, and glamour. It’s a city of intrinsic and unique beauty. This is how I see Amman (with the notable exceptions of the blights on the landscape that are Jordan Gate and the Abdali project).
  4. Sense of history and sense of itself: Rome is a city that knows where it began and who it is today. Inhabitants of Rome are proud to live there. That’s my hope for Amman, that it will find itself.

I have to say that the first time I visited I really didn’t like Rome so much. This time I loved Rome. Rome is a lovely city and a great vacation destination.

Now to the pictures. I’ll start with that most rare of things, the picture of El 3atal (second from the right) and MommaBean (far left) and our friends who were visiting with us…

Now, on to the lovely scenes out and about in Rome… Here’s a shot of the Colosseum. The group (except me) universally was disappointed with the shape it’s in. I think the movie Gladiator has much to answer for. People expect to see the awesome structure that Maximus sees and instead are greeted by an earthquake-ravaged, theft-damaged shadow of its formal self… But, it is still beautiful from a distance…

Here’s a shot in the Roman Forum of the Arch of Titus (maybe). Anyway, pretty shot I thought.

This is a view from the top of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica. We had to walk up 330 steps to get here. They were mostly inside the dome between the inner and outer dome.

The next picture is of the Swiss Guards that are posted outside the entrance to the tombs of the previous Popes. Their colorful garb is unique and fun. I thought the Beans would enjoy a snapshot of them (and I hope you do as well).

Finally, my last picture is entitled Floating Crowns. Again I grabbed this for the Beans hoping they would enjoy the eagles with their magical floating crowns. After all, we all need a little magic in our lives, don’t we?

If you get the opportunity, I’d definitely recommend Rome as a vacation destination. The weather is lovely, the town is beautiful, the people are friendly and the food… please don’t remind me of the food!

Happy Rome-ing!


11 thoughts on “>Rare Pictures of El 3atal and MommaBean, oh and some pics of our trip to Rome…

  1. >Beeeyoootious Maximus!! You guys did QUITE a bit of roaming through Roma, lucky ducks!Thanks for the share, that is one European country I never got to.

  2. >Lovely Um-Tulip, I can assure you it would be a very different experience the second time around. Next time I imagine we’ll take the Beans so it will be a different experience even from this one…

  3. >Glad you had a nice time. There are lots of places I went to at 17 that I would like to revisit and see with new eyes. Glad you had the chance. See you soon inshAllah.

  4. >You succeeded in making us Jealous šŸ˜‰ I havent been in Rome in 20 years (so don’t count how old I am!!) It’s lovely, stylish and very expensive. Glad you enjoyed it

  5. >Thanks folks. As nice as it was, I very much missed home. And, Ali, thanks for reminding me about the expense – one more way it’s like Amman. Although, actually things there seemed to be cheap to me :). Especially the high quality toys…

  6. >Thanks Nicole. He’s much more elusive than I am… But, the picture WAS terribly flattering. I’m thinking about using the same angle for all of my pictures in the future ;).

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