>Snowman snacking…


So, this is where art project meets delectable delicacies. By now most of you know that every week I do art projects with the Beans. Often we have the joy of Lil Kinz’s presence as well. And, that was the case at art project number one where we made Christmas angels. But, art project number two was just for the Beans (mostly because Lil Kinz protested she’d already MADE edible snowmen and was nonplussed by the idea, boy did SHE miss out, teehee).

In my on-going bid to instill creativity (rare but necessary commodity in Jordan), we used locally available items to make edible snowmen. And, discovered new yummy veggie preparation methods in the process. We started with wooden sticks and marshmallows (yes I know sounds like the recipe for a camp out, maybe next time). We added in white chocolate, a variety of decorative items, and cute kids. Here are some pictures of the outcome. Personally I think these creativity boosters are taking effect…

A selection of delectable snow people

Butterbean’s snow girl (note the gold pony tails, not to mention the carrot nose)

All of the snowmen sitting out to harden…

I expect by now your mouth is watering. Sorry, there are only a couple left and they will be gone this afternoon. Maybe one of these days we’ll have a blogger’s edible art project day… Keep hoping anyway.

Happy snacking!

7 thoughts on “>Snowman snacking…

  1. >Imagine that. That type of dictation is actually what started the art project tradition. It was abou a year ago when the art teacher at Butterbean’s school “fixed” the snowman she made so it conformed to her ideal…Never fear I complained and put some choice words in the right ears. This year, full creativity reigned in the correspondent Christmas bazaar preparation event. No “fixing” or dictating the “proper” colors and locations and such ;). It helps to have friends in low places.

  2. >Lately I have been remembering a dessert my mom used to make in this season, with mini marshmellows and crushed candy canes with a graham cracker crust. But there is no way I am going to pay 5 jd for a box of candy canes! Total insanity! I will wait for the next American shipment. Ha.

  3. >Sounds yummy. Mine is “forgotten” cookies. We always made them for Christmas an they require chocolate chips :(. None in town for awhile now… Tears of sadness…

  4. >So so so I stole your idea and I had my little one friends over and we made those men and it was a SUCCESS, they were fun to make and delicious to eat. Thanks for the great idea MommaBean. I could not even take pics we like ate them right away. yummmmmmm.

  5. >Ya Haki, I’m SOOO proud to have inspired a snowman snack on your side of the pond too. Happily it probably cost you less than half of what it cost me ;). Glad you enjoyed and maybe I’ll post more art projects for your consumption, teehee!

  6. >They were so inexpensive to make and so easy!I got some white chocolate buttons from the bulk section at the supermarket and we had lots left over , so we also baked some shortbread cookies and dipped half of each cookie in the chocolate and then sprinkled them with all those cute sprinkles. YUMMO, my 2 favorite things in the world, white chocolate and shortbread cookies, you should make those , the kids will love them too.Please post more. I will post some pics of a gingerbread train we decorated this weekend 🙂

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