>I’m Throwing My Shoes Too and Giving for Gaza

>So, there is little doubt in my mind that George W. Bush bears great responsibility for the unthinkable, untenable, unacceptable (and inhuman) situation in Gaza. His unbelievable naivety and ostrich-in-the-sand approach to foreign policy has led to more awful things around the globe than are currently counted. Taking some inspiration from Muntazer Al-Zaidi (better known as the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoe, making me wish he’d had rotten tomatoes or eggs on hand), an awesome Arab American journalist has started a “Mail Your Shoes to President Bush” campaign. Ray Hanania, author of such serious comedic offerings as I’m Glad I Look Like a Terrorist: Growing Up Arab in America and The Grape Leaves of Wrath began his campaign through his radio show in Chicago. He went on to begin a Facebook campaign which has spurred like-minded individuals to do the same. Now, many folks in Jordan know about this since the membership roster shows several. But, me I’ve been buried under out-of-town guests and had missed out on this one. I’m a fan of Ray and think this is a superb idea. So, this week, I’ll be heading down to the post office to throw my shoes (in the mail) at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. After all, I don’t think I’ll be in the same room (with a rotten tomato is what I wish). I think this will be the closest I can get. And never fear I’ll find pair of black shoes in honor of Gaza.

And, on the serious side, the Action Committee and 7iber.com are sponsoring a canned food and blanket drive tonight for those poor souls in Gaza. They will be collecting at Cozmo from 6:30-8:30 pm. The donations will be sent through the Hashemite Charity Commission. Everyone do what you can. Personally, for the first time since my move to Jordan, I’m doing the unthinkable. Even though they’ll be tough to replace, I’m going into my boxes of too small clothing and finding winter digs for kids. I’ve been refusing to give them up and honestly considered going out and buying new things (after all, who knows if a new Bean or cousin Bean will come along and then what will we do). But, knowing that local goods are FAR less durable than the ones I brought from the US… I’m biting the bullet. I’m going to send the best that I have to offer. I hope you’ll join me. I’ll be buying staples and cans as well, but particularly want to make sure some of those children have warm coats against a bitter cold without heat. As I would hope and pray someone would do for my children if we were in need.

Make a statement, take a stand, come by Cozmo and bring your very best offerings. Join us as we all affirm that humanity is alive and well, we really DO care, and we will give what we can to ease their pain…

Happy Protests and Affirmations!


5 thoughts on “>I’m Throwing My Shoes Too and Giving for Gaza

  1. >I’m sure that’s it… I don’t have as much as I’d like (Louisiana weather being MUCH more temperate). I’m actually giving all of our jackets purchased since moving to Jordan (Yikes! You can imagine the throes I’m going through)

  2. >Heh-heh, my imagination adding to the vision again!But, you know, I can imagine those ‘throes’ with the number of Bean-people multiplied by years and seasons in Jordan, it adds up!Loved your post!

  3. >Speaking of temperate (I really should just call you, but am running out of words again, darn it)it seemed a fun thing that we had just cleared all of our summer stuff out for Sudanese orphans, now were able to pass the winter things on to Gaza. God is just so practical.

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