>Jordan Seriously Needs Generally Understood Rules of Etiquette

>This post is dedicated to colleague X who loves me so much that they sent a text message wishing me a Happy New Year at midnight. Now, I like colleague X, but there is NO ONE I like enough to want a message from them at midnight. On any night. Ever. But, it brought to mind a more general thought. Being raised in the US, there is a hard and fast rule about calling people. Everybody knows it. And here it is.

Except in cases of a) emergency, b) family or friends close enough to be family, phone calls (and yes, this would include text messages) may be politely made between 9 am and 9 pm. Yep, that’s right. After 9 pm, you simply don’t call. When the phone rings after 9 pm, people typically assume the worst. Since living in Jordan, I routinely receive phone calls and text messages at 10 or 11 o’clock. Last night, the text message mentioned before was the second one, the first having come after 10. Since I charge my phone at night in our bedroom, the tune that plays when a message is delivered was quite loud. It’s a miracle that El 3atal didn’t wake. But, never fear, it seems Jordanians don’t sleep…

So I propose a new set of rules, phone etiquette if you will. Included amongst these is that phone calls should never be made after 9 o’clock. And, since I know this won’t happen, now you know. Unless you are a member of the Bean family or a friend so close that I would call you family (you know who you are), don’t call or text after 9pm. We’re sleeping and if we aren’t were busy relaxing… 😉

Happy rude awakenings!


9 thoughts on “>Jordan Seriously Needs Generally Understood Rules of Etiquette

  1. >I understand. My MIL routinely text messages my husband after 10 pm. His phone is above our heads on his charger because that is when he can charge it and he uses it for his alarm in the morning. SHE KNOWS we are in bed at that time GRRRRRR!! No excuse, she is not Jordanian, but she IS an airhead.

  2. >Oh my yes. Makes me crazy when a young lady calls at 9:30pm wanting to talk about a deep problem. Not my best time for helping.Hubby has become Jordanian, and sometimes he forgets and calls foreigners at 9:30pm. I must say, it has taken me this long to figure out not to call Jordanians between 4-6pm. I think this is when then get their sleep that I take between 10pm-12am.so for those who call and text at night, maybe a few siesta calls will even the playing field? 😉

  3. >Ameen. I still use this rule but definately most here in Jordan do not. It seems they think 9:30 pm is a good time to call handle business. I have been putting the charger and the phone in a far room from my bed to avoid such problems. The problem is that I am up from at least 6 am in the morning and would like to make some calls around 8 am or 9 and I can’t find anyone awake at those times either. Except for foreign mothers…ha. I haven’t noticed too many folks sleeping from 4 to 6 pm. Not sure how people with children in school could do that. It is homework time in our house.

  4. >Khadra, Haha. Nice to know someone else shares the problem.7aki, nice to know your Mom raised you right, teehee.Kinz, I agree siesta wakings might even that playing field. And, it is easy to become so used to it that it seems normal. After all, it is convenient to invite for birthday parties one day in advance ;).Nicole, I’m with you. Considering moving my charger, but that requires so much effort (you know with finding available plugs, getting new power strips and such. Oh, and you’d be surprised how prevalent the afternoon nap still is…

  5. >Anonymous, shall I then assume that you were sending messages, teehee. The thing I don’t quite get (and since you think this is appropriate, perhaps you can explain) is what benefit is sending the message at midnight (when I very well could be asleep) rather than at 9am on New Year’s Day (the time when we call our loved ones and wish them a happy new year). Who benefited from this timing? Was I more appreciated because I was among the 2000 colleagues receiving this message in the middle of the night? Again, etiquette would be most appreicated…

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