>Imagine With Me Giving Birth in a Hovel With No Food, Water, Electricity

>Boy, haven’t we come along way since the days of Jesus’ birth? Today in Gaza women, approximately 40,000 of them, are pregnant. 170 women are giving birth each day. In a place with no heat (and its COLD over here), no food, and no access to Doctors. Every risk factor counted in the US applies to these women.

But, have no fear, there are organizations that provide them supplies and care, right? Well, today CARE joined the UN and halted its relief efforts due to the on-going Israeli bombing.

It must comforting to the Israelis to know that they can even stop the limited aid that has been getting in by making it so dangerous.

And, what will the outcome be? I know two things about Israel’s actions.

  1. They have no chance of “winning” as long as even one Palestinian lives.
  2. They are creating more extremist terrorists.

In the end, I won’t even blame the 4 children who were left for four days next to the dead bodies of their mothers as Israel refused to get them out or allow others to do so. If they spout the rhetoric of driving Israel into the sea, I won’t blame them. What other choice do they have? What other world do they know? Israel uses violence to dehumanize them, then decries their refusal to use human logic.

It’s sad to see the world has come so far only to end up right back where it was 2000 years ago. Israel, you have much to answer for…

Happy reverses!


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