>14 Days of Fresh Smell? Is it just me or is that really gross?

>I was sitting watching TV last night when the ad for Comfort fabric softener came on for the 6 millionth time. It hit me, they’re talking about how great this product is and touting the fact that the fresh smell remains for 14 days. Are there really people who wear the exact same item of clothing without washing for 14 days?!

Okay, say it with me… EWWWWWW. That would, however, account for some of the aromatic? odoriferous? downright disgusting cabs I’ve been in. And elevators. And enclosed spaces… 14 days without washing? Please tell me that other than in humanitarian crisis areas with no access to water (like, say, Gaza) people don’t keep wearing their clothes over and over and over.

I mean, I’ll go 2-3 wearings in jeans, but 14 days!

Happy Ewwwww!

8 thoughts on “>14 Days of Fresh Smell? Is it just me or is that really gross?

  1. >Yes, I think it does happen here more than we care to think about or smell for that matter. I always think about it when summer is coming, and think about how more aromatic things will be in public places.

  2. >I NEVER use fabric softeners as I cannot stand the smell. This part of the world does not have the strict regulations that the EU and USA have so we have no clue what they put in all these washing materials. T

  3. >i think they mean, it will smell for 14 days period, nobody said anything about wearing them for 14 days :).you have upto 14 days to pick that item out of ur closet and it would still smell good (supposedly)

  4. >Ali, thank goodness for boys who change their clothes… El 3atal is the same. Wonders, I might buy that argument (smae one El 3atal made) if the commercial didn’t feature a guitar player in a box for 14 days then coming out with his clothes smelling fresh… Pretty sure they mean if you wear it. Ewwwwwww.

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