>MommaBean Is… Wondering If Facebook Status and Twitter are Made for Stalkers or What!

>Okay, so Kinzi blogged about Twitter recently. I just read a cute little article on why people STILL don’t really care enough about what you’re doing to want a “twitter” about it. And, I could count on one hand (wait I don’t even need a single finger) the number of people that I want to know about every minute of the day. So tell me, other than stalkers, who is the audience here?

Because, really, do I need to know exactly what you’ve done all of the time? And, where do you get the time to post it? I know some of my lovely friends actually do update their Facebook status daily. Me, if I update it every 3 weeks, I’m doing well. And I usually update it to say I’m updating my Facebook status… Talk about pitiful.

However, in case you think it’s a good idea, here’s one more reason to avoid perching on Twitter, here it is http://cursebird.com/. This handy little application spotlights cursing on Twitter. That’s right, if your status includes an expletive, far from being private-ish (only for those you think care), they’re collected here for anyone and everyone to see. So, keep that potty mouth under control. After all, you never know whether your boss, colleague, or stalker is watching…

Happy Status Updates!

8 thoughts on “>MommaBean Is… Wondering If Facebook Status and Twitter are Made for Stalkers or What!

  1. >mab3oos: just went to get coffee.mab3oos: enjoying my coffeemab3oos: listening to NPRmab3oos: OMG just saw the funniest looking catvaluable information, isn’t it?the above twittering was brought to you by support from the mab3oosberg foundation.mab3oosberg: driving you crazy one twit at a time.

  2. >mab3oosberg has now been banned as a commenter! Thanks for proving my point. Who wanted to know? Teehee. And, you made me envious of your ability to listen to NPR at the same time. I ask you, is that something you want? I think not! 😉

  3. >I think twitter is just a fad. Tomorrow Google will come up with some plug-in in Gmail to kill twitter is they’re doing to Loopt.I was just waiting for “car talk.” the funniest car talk show ever. Followed by wait wait don’t tell me!

  4. >To twitter or not to twitter, that is the question.LOL, I still haven’t figured this out as I can’t even keep track of everything else. I’m with you, FB status changes when I realize a month late that the old one doesn’t work anymore. I have a stack of emails a page long wanting to be friends and I just haven’t gotten on.Your post reminded me that within “Twitter” is the word ‘twit’. :O

  5. >Thankfully, Car Talk is available for free download. Even in Jordan you can get your fix of Click and Clack. (Pretty much all their shows are on npr.org)

  6. >Thanks for all the comments. Seems there are others who are less than enthused about Twitter as well. And, Rebecca, downloading presumes the availability of a) time and b) enough brainpower to actually remember to do it :(. I need an enabler to do it for me, teehee.

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