>Where’s My I Heart Jordan Bumper Sticker?

>So, today is blog about Jordan day. I see this as the one day in the year that I specifically celebrate all the beauty and loveliness that is Jordan. Every other day I may complain and try to effect changes in hearts and minds, but today is Jordan’s day… Last year, I did a Top Ten Favorite things about Jordan, which was fun. This year, I think I’ll take a more narrative approach to what I love about Jordan…

I have to admit that at first, Jordan doesn’t look like much. It has mostly small buildings. Lots of them are very dirty from the blowing sand. But when you start to look, you realize that it is just this that gives Jordan its unique beauty. Jordan isn’t the blowing sands of Saudi Arabia nor the glass and chrome space-land of Dubai. It is a real, honest place with beauty just around every corner. You think you know all about an area and you turn a corner or go into a small street and realize that captivatingly beautiful houses await, buildings with such tradition and heritage that you can hardly believe them.

The people, though… even from the beginning the people of Jordan are unique and special. Their warm welcoming nature to friends, both new and old is overwhelming. When invited for meals to people’s houses, it is advisable to not eat anything in advance. Starve yourself the whole day or you will leave stuffed to the gills and hardly able to move. That’s just the hospitality at work. Don’t fight it, join it.

It is so nice to be in a place that we can gather up the Beans and just go for a day trip to ancient sites and see unique vistas all around. Certainly everything they’ve seen of the US is a polar opposite. My home state is lush and green. Water flows everywhere and it rains often. people smile and greet strangers on the street as a matter of course. It makes Jordan just that much more special, it’s foreignness, it’s differentness.

We are blessed to be in Jordan each day. This year, I am most thankful for the strides that all three Beans have made in conversational Arabic. ButterBean has gained the most given her move into schooling that is primarily Arabic (fusha nonetheless). But, each of the beans has gained the gift that is bilingualism this year and each surprises me with their willingness to jump in and speak with their friends. And, MommaBean too. I’ve made some strides. Smaller perhaps, but enough that I feel like I’m getting more and even practicing just a wee tad more…

So, today is a day to celebrate Jordan, join me and tell me what you’re most blessed by this year in Jordan!

Happy Jordan!


7 thoughts on “>Where’s My I Heart Jordan Bumper Sticker?

  1. >This felt like we were sitting in your living room drinking hot chocolate and talking about one of our fav subjects. On a good day. šŸ™‚

  2. >It is amazing that the things that drive us nuts somedays are also the things that are ultimately unique and special about this place. Humor is a necessity in Jordan. The things I like best are going outside of the city with the kids, letting them roam and climb rocks and see wild flowers and wildlife. I love the stone ruins everywhere. Even in West Amman you can find the shell of a really old building just there across from a modern one. SubhanAllah. I am really looking forward to Spring and more roaming!

  3. >Anon, I was thinkng about that. I changed the backdrop to black in solidarity with Gaza. However, I wonder, have they recovered sufficiently that they don’t need our empathy any longer. I will keep considering it.Kinz, I wish…Jano, thanks for dropping in.Nicole, you and me both!

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