>On Having Holidays Out Of Season: A Case Of Mind Over Matter?

>Nope, this isn’t about Christmas in July. This post is more about trying to find holiday spirit when the holiday is just… well… off. As I’m sure most of you know, yesterday was Mother’s Day in Jordan. it was a lovely day. ButterBean had a starring role (along with each of the other 10 kids) in her class’ English language play and JuniorBean performed a solo at his class’ Mother’s Day picnic. It was full of the requisite child-made crafts of adorable if unusable vintage. We went to lunch afterwards with TetaBean and JiddoBean. All in all, it was a very nice day.

But, it just didn’t feel like Mother’s Day. It felt surreal, much like Christmas in July just isn’t Christmas. Because, as every American knows, Mother’s Day is in May. (Father’s Day is in June by the way.) Somehow celebrating Mother’s Day in March just feels… off. Sweet, lovely, affirming, but mistimed somehow.

It got me thinking about how while a holiday should be about having the people you love around you, somehow it ends up being more than that. Trying to celebrate Christmas at an off time so that you can experience it with everyone in the family somehow just isn’t Christmas (been there, done that). Somehow for me holidays are state of mind, and it isn’t always mind over matter…

Happy Holidays!


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